How to Win a Trip to Turkey with Daraz Mission 11.11!

How to Win a Trip to Turkey with Daraz Mission 11.11!

Did you ever daydream about those legendary moments where you were an adventurous hero who had to complete time-limited quests and after conquering those challenging missions you claim your rewards and ultimately go on a vacation in a beautiful foreign land?

Well, get ready to have your dreams turn into a reality! Daraz for this 11.11 is bringing you this exciting opportunity on its app.

It’s time to get on the track of road to glory with Daraz’s Mission 11.11 and win big discounts, amazing prizes and a return trip to Turkey!

All you have to do is complete the missions on the Daraz App before the 17th of November to be the lucky winner.

What is Daraz Mission 11.11?

  • Mission 11.11 is an exclusive in-app game where all you need to do is complete the 11 daily missions assigned on time and claim your rewards and prizes!

How to Play Mission 11.11?

To play missions, all you have to do head over to the Daraz app and click on Mission 11.11 banner and complete the 11 missions listed on time between 1st to 17th November, and win!

Here how you can complete the 11.11 Daraz mission:

  • Simply log in to the Daraz App and tap on “Daraz Mission 11.11”
  • And simply start doing the missions available!
  • To track your progress, enter your Daraz email and check which mission are completed and which ones are left
  • In order to qualify for the grand prize, you have to complete at least 11 missions!
  • You can only complete one mission per day and check your progress at 2pm daily.

So are you ready to win?

What are the 11 Mission on Daraz?

Following are the 11 Missions you need to complete in order qualify for the lucky draw that will win you a trip to Turkey:

  1. Open the Daraz App for 11  days till 17th of November. 
  2. Play any 5 different games on DFG
  3. Share an image review on Daraz
  4. Book a bus ticket through dTravel
  5. Recharge your Mobile
  6. Pay a utility bill via dBills
  7. Collect 11 vouchers
  8. Place an order of Rs. 1111 or more
  9. Shake Shake- Shake the app to earn a surprise reward and vouchers!
  10. Register for Ludo Tournament
  11. Add to cart countdown deals
  12. Discover on Daraz
  13. Place an order from Global Collection
  14. Share 3 Mega Deals with your friends
  15. Follow 5 brand partner stores

There is no fixed order in completing these missions. You can complete any random mission first. However, you can only complete one mission a day.

The progress will get updated at 2 PM everyday and the winner will be announced on the 25th of November.

The best part is that there are guaranteed rewards in completing the missions. For example, when you complete 11 missions, you get Rs. 50 as a bonus in your wallet. Completing 12 missions will lead to Rs. 150 reward, 13 missions will give you Rs. 200, 14 missions will give your Rs. 250 and ultimately, completing all 15 missions will lead to a Rs. 300 bonus in your Daraz Wallet.

So hurry up and start winning! Stay updated with Daraz 11.11 news with our guide page! Download the Daraz App today and avail the best discounts this “11.11 Sale“.

Bilal Uddin


  • I have completed 14 missions after many struggle but now they are showing 0 result and says that I have no completed any mission what wrong

  • Really good I won 350 in 10.10 sale but this time I participated in 250 reward

  • I am playing on daraz game from yesterday till now, getting points but no money in my wallet. What’s going wrong?

  • Hi

  • السلام علیکم Muje jo bi samj a rha h sab kr rha ho muje ek mixsr juicer win kr do muje bot zarort h uski please

  • it is fake i have completed 6 missions I m playing their game wallet wings daily on which they claim they will give bonus into wallet but it is fake just a publicity stunt I have contacted their support shares the screenshots everything but they still saying you have not played the game and their app shows i have completed six missions is it possible I have completed six mission and not played the game for once

  • Inshallah I m win.

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