Daraz Seller Stories: Hammad’s Inspiring Tale of Entrepreneurship at 17

Daraz Seller Stories: Hammad’s Inspiring Tale of Entrepreneurship at 17

From a distance, Hammad appears your average teenager: He goes to college in the morning, studies throughout the day and hangs out with his friends in the evening.

However, Hammad isn’t your average kid by any measure. At the age of 17, Hammad can boast of his own business: FMF Accessories, a smartphone accessories store on the online shopping platform Daraz.

In conversation, Hammad appears relaxed and candid. His reasons for starting his own venture are pragmatic- ‘It’s a convenient platform to make pocket-money for me, and not burden my dad.”

Hammad’s story is one of every teenager out there: at an age where you’re coming into yourself and growing up, there is always a need for more money. Whereas, other teenagers would customarily depend on their parents for pocket-money, Hammad’s enterprising nature is ahead of his years. he chose to start his own business, investing a minimal amount of his own money as starting capital but also being the sole collector of all subsequent profits.

Hammad is appreciative of the role that the Daraz platform plays in his business. Other than serving as a hosting platform and connecting FMF Accessories to millions of customers, the Daraz Seller Support team also makes sure that any and all questions that Hammad had were and continue to be answered promptly. Infact, the team made it so easy, Hammad told us, that anybody could do it, even a 17 year old teenager with no prior business experience to speak of.

Well, not anymore. Hammad is now a 17 year old with his own business. He earns and spends his own money and does so from the comfort of his home, while also studying for the Inter exams.

Hammad is an inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs.  

Bilal Uddin

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