Desi by Design: Women’s Pakistan Day Guide

Desi by Design: Women’s Pakistan Day Guide

Pakistan is a country full of cultural heritage, beauty, art and creativity. Each region has its own cultural designs,patterns, representative colour palette other than the crescent and the star that binds us all under one flag! While green and white seem to be the usual colours Pakistan day brings to mind, there are many other colours and prints that scream out Pakistani. Ajrak, truck art, chatapatti and patchwork (ralli) are all pattern and designs that are very known to all us Pakistani’s that flaunt them in different fashion form. Be it a truck art khusa, a patchwork shawl, an Ajrak kurta or vibrant Pakistan flag t-shirt we all pride over our symbolic Pakistani fashionable clothing and when better to show off our patriotism than Pakistan day?

Good thing is that Daraz offers you a range of desi designs that will make you want to jump on the Pakistan Day fashion wagon.

Vibrant Truck Art Khusas

Casual White and Green Crescent and Star Shirt

Men’s White and Green Flag Shirt

Symbolic Desi Sheesha Work Sling Bag

Pakistan Air Force Cufflinks

Green Flowy Buttoned Down Kurta

Intricately Designed Ajrak Shawl

Small Metal Pakistan Flag

Maroon Peplum Ajrak Printed Kurta


Pakistan Day T – Shirts for Kids

Men’s Trendy Ajrak Waistcoat

Men’s Casual Symbolic Truck T-Shirt

Women’s Desi Embroidered Clutch


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