Did You Know You Could Use Fashion to Make Yourself Feel Better?

Did You Know You Could Use Fashion to Make Yourself Feel Better?

Don’t you just miss dressing up to work everyday? It may have been slightly difficult to wake up early in the morning, but dressing up usually puts us in a good mood that’s ready to conquer the day, doesn’t it?

Now staying home can be fun in the beginning – you’ve got all this time that you didn’t have before and you’re loving the newfound freedom. But soon it tends to become a bit much. Suddenly you’re at a loss of activities to do, or just bored or lazy, you’re not getting much done (even though you’ve a whole list of things you wanted to do if only you had time, lol) and you really just want to get out of your home…But, you can’t.

How do you make yourself feel better in such a scenario? One word: FASHION!

Yes, you read us right! Who said you can only play around with fashion and style when you’ve to go out? We say you keep your fashion game strong even when you’re at home!

Here’s how:

Boost Your Confidence

How you dress can have a great effect on your self-confidence and self-esteem. The better you dress, the more presentable you feel; and thus more confident. And confidence isn’t something that should ever curb or be limited to when you’re going out. While you’re home, dress well for home! Grab a comfy pair of jeans and a fab top to go with it. Give your face a little touch of the makeup and tada! You’ll feel explendid all-day-long!

Find Your Style

If you’ve always been struggling to find your style, then what better time to experiment? Use this time to try just about everything and anything – what you think may work, and also what you think might not! That’s the best way to discover your style. Look up styles and find what you like, and then imitate. As you imitate and continue to experiment with different pieces of clothing, you’ll start to make sense of what you like and what you don’t. Eventually, your personal fashion style will start to evolve!

Indulge in Nostalgia

Remember that interview that got you your dream job? Or remember that party where you met your best friend? Or perhaps the embarrassing moment when you fell in front of many people (lol)? All these instances had specific outfits that were each an intricate part of that moment. Today, you may or may not have worn these outfits for a long time. Maybe because they’re no longer trending or maybe you don’t even have many of them anymore. But if you do still have some in the closet, then pull it out and put it on. Our clothes are more than just apparel, they carry sentiments and memories that can uplift your spirit in mysterious ways!

Cheer Yourself Up

You may find your spirits low on and off, staying locked at home can do that to you. But you know what can help cheer you up? Dressing up! Just putting on a trendy outfit can do wonders to your mood. Like shopping for clothes also helps you feel better, dressing up also has a magical effect in elevating the mood. So whenever you find yourself feeling low one of these days, dress up! You’ll feel much better, that’s a promise!

Fashion has an amazing way of making you feel better. Just try it, and you’ll know!


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Bilal Uddin

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