Discover Your Artistic Streak with These Quick & Easy DIY Art Projects!

Discover Your Artistic Streak with These Quick & Easy DIY Art Projects!

Not sure if you’ve the artistic streak in you? Let us tell you that everyone has a little artist inside them, waiting to be discovered. And what better time to discover this creative little fellow in you than these days?

Here are some incredibly easy but creative art projects that you’ll love to do, and they’ll encourage you to keep pursuing art!

Lets get started!

Picture Frame

25 Best DIY Picture Frame Ideas [Beautiful, Unique, and Cool] Picture Frame Ideas - A photo that is framed has a more professional and polished look to it. Whether you’re going for a classic, rustic or modern look, - 6+ Simplest yet Adorable DIY Photo Frame Ideas #DIY #Photo #Frame #Ideas #DIYPhotoFrame #PhotoFrame #PictureFrames #pictureframesdesign #simplicity #handmade #mejamakan #nordic #architecture #minimalmood #architects #lifestyle #party #simple #landscape #decor #wanderlust #wood #home
  • Supplies Needed: 4 – 5
  • Effort: 2 / 5
  • Creativity Level: Medium to High


  1. A hard cover file
  2. Paints and brush
  3. Decoration Stickers and beads (optional)
  4. Glue
  5. A Photo


  • Cut out a rectangular or square border of about 2 inches from the hard cover file. The size of this frame should be according to your photo.
  • Paint the cut-out in whatever way and color(s) you like.
  • You can stick some beads and stickers on to the frame for mo embellishment. Or you can skip this step completely.
  • Stick your photo from behind the frame so that the photo shows through the rectangular window of your frame.

Clothes Pin Pot

Flower pot for kids to make. Tuna can, clothes pins, maybe some paint.
  • Supplies Needed: 3
  • Effort: 1 / 5
  • Creativity Level: Medium


  1. Clothes hanging pins
  2. A tin
  3. Candle or Plant


Take the hanging pins and start attaching them all around the tin’s body. Once done, place your candle or the plant pot inside the tin and you’re done!

Charging Station

Kind of a fun idea. 16 DIY dorm room ideas. Even if you don't have a dorm there are some really cute DIY projects:
  • Supplies Needed: 6
  • Effort: 4 / 5
  • Creativity Level: Dynamic


  1. Shoe Box
  2. Wrapping paper
  3. Ribbons/ Wahshi Tape
  4. Scissors and Cutter
  5. Glue
  6. Marker/Pen


  • Take a shoe box that’s around the size of your extension. Place your extension inside the show box and mark where the holes would go for the charging wires to come out from.
  • Make circles of approximately equal sizes using either a compass or roughly with a pencil. Then use a cutter or scissors to cut out the rounds from the shoe box.
  • Wrap up the shoe box well with the wrapping paper (both, the box and the cover). Use a ribbon or a wahshi tape to border the the cover of the shoe box.
  • Then cut out the rounds you made in the box through the wrapping paper as well.
  • You can then write on top each hole which charger wire is coming through it.
  • Place your extension inside the box, and pass the charging wires through their designated holes; place the cover on the shoe box, and you’re all done!

Easy Graphic Transfers

Magical Glittered Mason Jar With Light - Kelly Belly Boo-tique  - 1
  • Supplies Needed: 4
  • Effort: 2 / 5
  • Creativity Level: Easy


  1. A printed photograph or text or image
  2. Packing Tape
  3. An Empty Glass Bottle
  4. Scissors


  • Take your printed image paper and stick the clear packing tape right on top of the image. Make sure you use a single layer of the tape.
  • Trim down the photo to just the size you want the graphic to be in.
  • After this, place the cut-up picture with the tape in a bowl of water and let it soak for at least 5 minutes.
  • Take out the picture and start rubbing from the paper side to peel off the paper. As you do so, you may soak the paper in water every now and then to get rid of as much of the paper as possible. Then leave it to dry.
  • Since the tape will have lost most of it’s adhesiveness, use a think layer of white glue on the back of the photo.
  • Carefully place it over the glass bottle. You could try this with an infinite number of products like candle stands, bottles, serving dishes, and more!

Decorative Yarn Ball

DIY Decorative Balls.  These things are expensive - this is a good project for when you're mindlessly watching tv & only halfway have to pay attention!
  • Supplies Needed: 3
  • Effort: 3 / 5
  • Creativity Level: Home Decor


  1. Knitting Thread
  2. Plenty of White Glue
  3. Balloon


  • Blow up the balloon in the size you want the ball to be in.
  • Cover the balloon with glue all around it.
  • Now take the knitting thread and start wrapping the balloon with it. Use more glue if necessary so that the thread sticks wells on the balloon.
  • Leave the balloon to dry. Then pop it!
  • You can later paint the yarn ball or cover it in glitter if you want.

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