Distinctive Product Leads to Competitive Tech Infrastructure

In the ever-blooming tech space, the heads who have served the people in the new startups are Product Managers. Justifying the investment in building a new product or solution, product managers are the ones who answers the total addressed market. How one product has an impact on the service a company is providing, the abstract complaints needs to be addressed.

Identifying a high value customer pain point, there is “NO” right way to manage a product. There is no single approach to solving a complex problem. Strategic skillset, analytical skills and critical quality work can be some of the traits one must possess to be a good product manager.

Citing the skill development is vital for the market-based job. The need for supporting tech industry trends in this regard to enable them, leads to development of the modest infrastructure.

Marty Cagan, the author of Inspired: How to Create Products Customers Love defines the goal of a product manager in the following manner: “To discover a product that is valuable, usable and feasible.” A product manager should have knowledges in Business, Technologies, and User Experience. These set of goals help them achieve the holistic vision of the company.

But, what’s happening in Pakistan?

In the growing tech space of Pakistan, many e-commerce giants have focused on understanding the customer better. Hence, the product managers are dedicatedly working towards improving and enhancing the user experience. These conversations can yield valuable context for using the product and where they’re encountering challenges.

To put things into perspective, Pakistan has seen the rise of the digital startup which is catching up to the pace of the western markets. With startups getting funding of more than $250 Million just in the last 12 months, companies have started investing heavily in talent acquisition. Product Managers are the strategic dominators in many successful startups who are steering the ship.

The growing market of Pakistan has a special mystique to it. Having no competitive tech infrastructure, companies are investing in the latest technology which also makes the first ones to do it. The lack of case study in the field have set a strong sense of why a company should invest in Product Managers. The trial and error philosophy are applied in many startups who are striving to improve on what’s already out there.

What’s new in Pakistan’s e-Commerce Tech Space?

Pakistani startup companies have seen an exponential rise in the tech space. Take an example of how Daraz, backed by Alibaba introduced the in-app shoppable livestreaming in Pakistan. Introducing the new technology used by the foreign markets for the first time in Pakistan comes with a lot of challenges. As market leaders, these triumphs provide instant feedback on a new product.

While the main target for the product was to improve customer retention and work on incremental engagement models. Knowing what your audience wants means, knowing who and what most influence them. Product launches or presentations can attract attention to a new product and convert interest instantly. These innovations in the tech space only proves how our industry in the tech space have been catching up to the latest market trends.

With the new technology being introduced in the markets, the role of Product Managers is crucial to the strategic growth of the company. Having lack of case study present in the market, these projects can represent the growth in the rise of Pakistan’s tech ecosystem.

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