Donate a Dream this Ramadan with Daraz Cares

Donate a Dream this Ramadan with Daraz Cares

Daraz and its people have always believed that there we are in the business of people and understanding what they want and need. So, when it comes to what the people need, Daraz took it a step further and partnered with people who knew a lot more about this than we did.

With notable NGOs on the Daraz Cares platform, this Ramadan, Daraz is giving you the power to fulfill wishes, all from the comfort of your home. We believe that doing good should be easy and with Donate a Dream, it is.

The Dreams of Many

Often, with the best of intentions, we give charity in the way we think best but the way we think isn’t necessarily always what is needed. That’s why Daraz partnered with NGOs and Charities including Akhuwat, Aman Foundation, Saylani, Indus Hospital, Roshni Homes and others and asked them what they needed most this Ramadan.

So now, knowing what they need, Daraz Cares ensures that the right resources, reach the right people, the right way.

Donate a Dream

If you want to fulfill the wish of an underprivileged person, Donate a Dream with Daraz Cares. All you have to do is open the Donate a Dream page and add the wish you want to fulfill to your cart. Daraz Cares will deliver that dream to your preferred charity/NGO.

Let’s spread happiness together.

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