Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs 2022

Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs 2022

Pakistani weddings are just incomplete without Mehndi. Brides just do not look brides without mehndi. The close family members too put mehndi on as a symbol of love and celebration. Pretty Mehndi Designs are all that girls look for during the wedding season. Not only this, Mehndi is also adorned on the hands during festivities like Eid. It is an art that only brings customs and traditions together but also artistry and the after-effect is so enticing.

History, Beliefs and Significance of Mehndi

This body art, mehndi, also known as henna, was originated by the Arab and no wonder Arabic mehndi design is known to be the most intricate one. The Mehndi paste is created from powdered dry leaves of henna plant. Mehndi is a very popular body art in India, Africa and even the Middle East. The word has been derived from the Sanskrit word mendhikā. Mehndi and turmeric was originally used for women’s palms and sometimes for men too. Back then, there was no concept for making a mehndi design but just plain stain on the hands. This used to be a Vedic custom that symbolized the sun and represented awakening the inner light.

The traditional circular mehndi design that we also call the tikki was basically a representation of the sun on the palm. It also used to hold great significance in performing classical dance.

Here are a few mehndi designs for this wedding season followed a few tips and tricks on how to get a dark color and make it last longer. So, gear yourself up cause Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali! 😉

Bridal Mehndi Design

With years passing by, henna designs have improved and there have a number of innovations too. Bridal Mehndi designs usually cover full hands and legs too. It can sometimes be a little hard to pick the right design for you. Story Mehndi designs are also lately trending a lot and that adds a little personal touch to your henna. So, here are a few designs you can pick from for your big day!

Minimal Bridal Mehndi Design

If you’re a bride who hates mehndi or wants to keep it as minimal as possible, here are a few designs that do not involve the entire hand but are good enough to make you look like a bride. These can also be great for Eid and other festivities!

Heavy Mehndi Design

These ones aren’t bridal but are perfect if you’re the bride’s mom or sister or a close cousin or relative! You do deserve a pretty and heavy yet not-so-bridal mehndi design. Keep it till the palms or your mid arm, apply on all four sides and flaunt your mehndi on your close one’s shadi to the fullest!

The Famous Diagonal Mehndi Design

This diagonal design that starts from one finger and ends on the opposite side of the hand is quite famous and has alot of room for some pretty design. You can play around with it, keep it light or heavy as per your choice and they look gorgeous on the hands.

Finger Mehndi Design

If you’re a true minimalist or not a a fan of full hand mehndi designs then fingers can be the safest choice. It will help you keep the entire affair down-low and will amp up your look too!

Feet Mehndi Design

Mehndi is actually adorned on the bride’s feet too. Some like it delicate while some like a fuller pattern!

Mehndi Tattoos

If you’re a person who truly hates mehndi then these tattoos will help you keep up with the customs without having a stubborn stain on your hands,

How To Make Mehndi Darker On Hands?

  • To Make Mehndi Darker, Make a mixture of lemon and sugar and apply it after you’re done scraping the dry mehndi.
  • You can even try running your palms over the fumes of cloves on an iron pan. It will help you keep the colour intact and make it even darker.
  • Applying vicks after you’re done scraping mehndi is also a great tip!

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re done with all beauty treatments like manicure and pedicure before applying mehndi

Are you ready to flaunt that pretty stain this wedding season?

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