Essential Products All New Born Babies Need!

Essential Products All New Born Babies Need!

Congratulations! Your baby is here! You feel an unmatchable form of happiness and jubilance but also are overcome with so many emotions and expectations that you feel like you have no idea about what to do and where to start to make sure your baby is healthy and happy. You were preparing for this moment since the past 9 months and now that it is here, you feel confused and lost!  

Worry not, it’s only natural to be overwhelmed. Here we’ve gathered all the tips that will guide you through the first week with your little bundle of joy.

What to expect of your baby during the first week?

You still can’t believe that the baby is here in your arms. The little one makes you feel an enormous form of love and there is no surprise in wanting to protect and nourish the baby with all you’ve got. Your baby is still very fragile and may get startled with noises and sudden movements. He/she will mostly, (well only!) be sleeping and crying at this stage. The baby’s sense of comfort for the first few weeks is the mother’s heartbeat and the soft murmur of voices that they recognize from their time in the uterus.

Here are the first few things to keep in mind for taking care of your one-week old baby!

1) Feeding

In the first few weeks, your baby needs to be fed quite often. Their eating habits might appear unpredictable in the start but you will eventually familiarize with the signs the baby shows to exhibit his/her hunger. Feeding the baby in the first weeks can be uncomfortable. You can make your breastfeeding experience is easy with products available that aid in feeding the little one. For example, you can use nursing pillows to make yourself and the baby comfortable

Multitasker Feeding Nursing Pillow Multi Dezine

Philips Avent is a reliable brand for finding products that help in feeding your baby. You can buy their new-born feeder Starter Set from Daraz to ease your worries of hoarding the already way too many supplies for the baby.

New Born Starter Set (Classic Plus Pp)

2) Looking after your baby

Your baby is very delicate during this time. Its limbs and head will remain in the same position as how they were in the womb. It is essential to keep the little one warm and cozy. You can get extremely cute plush swaddle wraps that will help you in holding the baby and to snuggle with him/her comfortably.

Newborn Baby Boy Girl Cute Cotton Plush Blanket Swaddle Wrap Infant Sleeping Bag

How can one forget the overly excited aunts and uncles of the baby? You can find adorable baby dress online that match your excitement!

The feeding can be a very messy process. The splurging of milk can cause discomfort to the baby, so, make sure you’re stocked up on bibs!

Premium Quality Branded Bandana Bibs For New Born Baby

3) Skin Care

Wrinkles, peeling and dry patches are a normal occurrence in new born babies. To ensure your baby’s skin remains healthy and hydrated, make sure you keep their skin moisturized with a Dermatologist-tested and Pediatrician-tested body lotion every morning and evening.

Johnson’s baby care products remain a classic and the first choice for mothers. You can buy Johnson’s moisturizers and oils on Daraz through Johnson’s official store on DarazMall!

During the first few weeks after the baby is born, the mother goes through a lot of physical changes and emotional ups and downs. She would want to bond with the baby every minute of the day but it is necessary for the mother to rest as well. It is no surprise that giving birth is a strenuous and painful task, so make sure you take all the help and support from your family and friends in nourishing the baby.

In this first week of excitement and joy, make sure everyone interacts with your little cherub and makes the most of this time!

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