Everyone Remembers Playing at Least One of These Nostalgic Games in Their Bachpan!

Everyone Remembers Playing at Least One of These Nostalgic Games in Their Bachpan!

When we remember our childhood, we get hit by nostalgia that takes us back to when times were simpler. Where hanging out with friends and playing with them was the greatest pass time activity for all of us!

With our neverending energy and excitement, playing these classic tag games gave us numerous scrapes on our knees and shins and often left us being sore losers when we lost. But hey, we were kids making memories!

During these tough times, it’s okay to feel gloomy and low by being homebound. And as we become more and more reliant on technology, there’s only so much entertainment we can seek from it.

However, we’re never too old act like children again! If you’re tired of being bored at home and need to distract yourself, why don’t you take a trip down the memory line and introduce these classic games to your children at home and join in with them!

If you’ve played these games in your back in the days, it proves you’ve had an awesome childhood!

How many of these games are you familiar with?

1. Baraf Paani


The classic game of Baraf Pani was always the top choice to play. This involves one catcher who’s running solo on a mission on “freeze” all the opponents in the proximity!

The catcher was chosen by the classic, pugaam, and at least 3 people were needed for this game to proceed. The catcher had to freeze all the opponents in order for the game to end while shouting, “baraf”, which was often tough thanks to the “two times” rule and the other players will try to undo the effect by touching the frozen players and saying, “paani”

2. Langri-Pala

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Langri-pala or globally known as Hopscotch is a game that lead us to ruin many floors with chalk marks and make us question our motor skills!

This fun-filled game that involves a clean smooth floor, chalk, and your friends! All you had to do was draw the marking into a variety of singular and double boxes and hop on them by placing one foot at each box. The rule was to toss a stone in square one. Hop over the stone on the way out and pick it up on the way back. If the player misses the toss, pass the stone to the next player in line and return to the back of the line.

3. Kho-Kho

This game was the most fun out of all! It involved at least 6 players divided into different teams equally. This game involved lots of running and encouragement and of course, pushing!

The game involved one team to stand in a straight line on a marking made on the floor and to not move unless pushed to catch the members of the other team whom you had to catch! If you moved or stood in the wrong direction, you were disqualified. The aim was to catch all the players!

4. Pithu Garam


Pittu Garam is another classic game called Seven Stones and ball. It is a traditional South Asian game which is played between two teams. The aim of the game is to hit the 7 stone tower with a ball to break it and then rebuild it before getting hit by one of the opponents.

This game often gave us bruises but was never the less most fun!

5. Name Place Animal Thing

Name place animal things was a game that every parent approved of! And if you were a smart child, you were in luck.

The game involves as many players and the gist was to pick a random alphabet and simply write down a name, place, animal and thing from the given alphabet at a limited time. Whoever had the most number of unique answers was the winner!

6. Chuppan Chuppai

The classic game of chuppan chupai was full of excitement and anticipation to be found. In this Desi adaption hide and seek, the seeker was selected by the pugam who then had to close their eyes and count till 100 and find all the other players in a limited time. This game always got more intense with finding the perfect place to hide and giving hints accompanied by players who were already found.

7. Yassu Panju


It is played by minimum two, and maximum five, players. Each player has a name out of these five: Yassu, Panju, Haar, Kabootar, Doli. Then all people throw their hands together with as many fingers open as they’d wish to. Then all the names are counted on all the fingers. The name, out of the five stated above, on which the counting stops, wins. The player that remains unpicked till the last is then punished with his/her hands joined together before the other players who slap his hands.

8. Oonch Neech


This game got us all defying our friendship by making us aware of the statement, “every man for himself” at a very young age while singing, “oonch neech ka pahar”

For this game, you needed at least 4 kids and all had to count down till 10 and find the closest heightened place in your sight and stand on it. Whoever was left on the ground, had to catch opponents. What made this game more fun was you had to switch your secured heightened spot after several minutes and if you were left to find no place, then you were the opponent!

9. Ringa-Roses

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During our childhood, we gleefully chimmed “ringaa ringgaa roses” instead of the actual ring around the roses. This game was perfect for extra PE times. It involves standing in a circle holding hands and spinning in unity until everyone “falls down”

10. Ankh Mein Choli

Ankh mein choli was all about shrieking and fooling around with anticipation and not to forget, the scrapes on our knees that came with tripping over while catching our friends being blindfolded!

The game had a minimum of three people playing it, where the catcher is blindfolded and has to catch the opponents. The trick was to hold the opponent and count till 3 till they’re out! The person who gets caught becomes the person to be blindfolded

11. Kings

Forget coming home with clean shoes and non-bruised feet with Kings was your favorite childhood game!

If you’re a true Pakistani, then playing Kings during your school breaks is a huge part of your childhood memories. The aim of the game to eliminate people by stepping on the foot of the person you select. The eliminator was chosen by spelling word KINGS by pointing at each players, whomever had the last word on them was the eliminator, after a fail attempt to eliminate the person, they had to call out who the next eliminator would be.

So, what other games did you play in your childhood?

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