Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust for the Young Folks of Pakistan

Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust for the Young Folks of Pakistan

Pakistan is considered one of the major countries that has seen darker days in its 71-year history. From wars to natural disasters, the nation has faced a lot. But that hasn’t stopped our kids from smiling and enjoying life, even if it’s just the little things. The pictures below prove that even after rainfalls and storms, there’s a rainbow in us all.

Color me Green
Pakistan Flag, green flag
Source: Labour Unity

No matter where in Pakistan, we just long for an occasion to hang the largest flag in our Muhalla. It might not be an easy task to get up the roof-top but for the love of Pakistan, it’s worth it.

Poor Rich Boy
Source: Hive Miner

This little man may be selling flowers for a living but is a know-it-all when it comes to doing business in style. Bless his little heart and his denim jacket.

Source: Word Press

These kids may not have the fanciest toys but whatever they have, they won’t think twice before sharing, even with our cute furry friends.

Little Sportsmen 
Huff Post

From gilli-danda to cricket, we can create any sport with the most unlikely props one can imagine, praise these talented individuals.

Source: Pinterest

No jammin’ shoes or clothes on, but nothing can replace the happiness he gets from a corn-on-a-cob, and a heart-shaped balloon, guess he has all the love he needs.

Philanthropists in the Making

Charity, Abdul Sattar Edhi

Source: The Express TribuneKids working side by side Abdul Sattar Edhi clearly proves that Pakistani kids have a heart of gold. Age is never a number when it means helping someone out, and this little Pakistani angel is no less than any philanthropist.

Paints and Brushes
Source: MIT

We like to keep it colorful when it comes to Pakistani art. Aesthetics over these heavy duty four wheeled beasts are just breathtaking and the attention to detail while creating these master pieces are a sight for sore eyes.

Despite the struggles and the hardships, Pakistani kids have a vivid yet cheerful outlook on life. Our nation might not be the richest of them all, but it’s certainly rich by good hopes and deeds of the little ones.

Usman Ghani

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