How To Be Fashionable When You Have No Money

How To Be Fashionable When You Have No Money

It can often be assumed that money is the ticket to great style, but in reality you can look just as stylish and way more unique with a reduced spending budget. There are bunch of easy ways you can cut back on your spending and build a super chic wardrobe without feeling guilty or broke.

So if your bank account took a real hit this month and your wallet seems lighter than usual, follow these essential tips for all the fashionistas on a shoe-string budget!

Look Out For Online Shopping Sales 

Have some patience and do your research! Make sure to look out for all the flash-sales, discount deals and amazing sales before you click the shop button. Voucher codes and exclusive bank discounts can further slash the price of that fashion piece you have your eye on!

Shop The Classics 

Shop smarter not harder is the rule. Make a list of all the statement outfits that would make up your dream wardrobe. A small closet full of quality clothes is so much better than a large closet full of ill-fitted, useless clothes.From a pair of great fitting pants to an funky denim kurta, your classic look depends entirely on your style!

Sell The Clothes You Don’t Want To Wear 

Sell, trade or toss! If you have stuff in prime condition which you aren’t going to use or wear, you might want to consider selling them. Invite your friends over or auction off some stuff online! You can use the few extra bucks in your pocket to finally buy that classy top you had your eyes on!

Budget Friendly Statement Pieces Can Make An Outfit 

The right statement piece can take your outfit from drab to fab! From bold blingy earrings to fringe bags to statement sneakers, the best thing to do is to invest in a wardrobe essential that screams you and take your look to a whole other level.

Read Fashion And Shopping Blogs 

Need some advise on budget friendly shopping? Go straight to the experts!  no matter how much we love them, those head-to-toe Dior looks just aren’t in an average person’s price range. But our budget friendly fashion bloggers will make sure you have the best affordable fashion finds!




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