<strong>“What Fatherhood Means to the Fathers of Daraz”</strong>


What Fatherhood Means to the Fathers of Daraz

Welcome to Life at Daraz- Father’s Day Special!

Daraz Pakistan is home to over 300 fathers. Today, we interviewed some of them to have a better understanding of what fatherhood mean to them.

A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be. Being a father is the greatest joy of my life. It transformed me into the best version of me. Spending time with kids is always my first choice as they are going to remember who was there with them and not who spent on them.”

– Nabeel Anjum, Head of LMP

“There is no greater feeling on earth than that of being a father. Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love, reinforced the importance of giving back and taught me how to be a better person. As a father, I have to nurture, teach and mentor my son. This is a unique experience. Being a father, I should remember that one day my son will follow me as an example to the world”

-Irfan Arif, Key Account Manager

“Being a father is a gift, a chance, and a new way of looking at life. It’s a blessing to be able to glance at my children and instantly forget about a bad day. Because parenthood brings out the best in me, it provides me with the inspiration and bravery to take on large initiatives in the hopes of providing a secure future for my children. Fatherhood alters your perspective on life and the people in your life. The indescribable love for my children makes me discover the true meaning of love, the love without any condition that no one else can give me. The love which my parents have tried to explain to me all of my life. That was understood because of my children. Behind a smiling family, there is always a strong and magic story between two lovers. I thank Allah every day to give me the chance to live the life I always wanted to live.”

– Raja Sohail, Care Camp IR Executive

“I always thought finding the soulmate makes life special, instead it is fatherhood. Today all my successes are because of my father and all my failures are because of me. I thought hugging a child is giving them comfort, but instead their hugs heal me, rejuvenate me, change my body’s chemistry, makes me want to be a better man, a better professional, gives life purpose, is at the heart of every decision that I take, the warmth of their breath calms me down, their cry stops the heart, their look towards me steals the world away from me, happily. It is life’s biggest challenges, sweetest feeling, most intense responsibility and undoubtedly the most loving and amazing gifts live has to offer.

I thank my dad for being the best super hero in the world, the best coach, professional, and most importantly the most loving person. The number of headaches and heart aches I have caused him, I would euthanize me, instead he still loves me and with every passing moment, his love increases by leaps and bounds. Thank you for teaching me to walk, to look in front and up and in the world, to respect myself and others in the world. I wish if could be even 10% of a dad you are to me, If I could do that for my kids, I will consider my life well spent “

-Fahad Javaid Amin, Head of Trainings

Daraz wishes all Fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day!