Find Out What’s Your Skin’s Undertone!

Find Out What’s Your Skin’s Undertone!

Have you ever wondered how these famous Instagram make up artists look so flawless and gorgeous will at that makeup on? And when you apply the SAME makeup with the SAME technique yet somehow it ends up being a major fail?!


You wonder how that could be considering the artist as almost the same skin complexion as yours, so what makes it that the same foundation shade and colors don’t compliment on your skin? And while other times you feel why gold jewellery doesn’t compliment you as silver does?

The answer to that is simple.

Your skin complexion and skin tones might be the same but your skin’s undertone might completely be the opposite!

What’s Does it mean by a Skin’s Undertone?

Undertone’s definition, is, in super basic and literal terms, the color of your skin that is underneath the skin! It is completely different from your skin’s tone or color. It is the hue that your skin’s original color has. Undertones help you decide what colors would look the best on you. Whether which shade of blush should you apply or should you go for a darker or lighter lip colour. It’s about using colors to favour you to look your best!

Skin undertones are categorized into three.

1) Warm:

Warmer skin tones mean your skin radiates a beige or yellowish tone. You get tanned easily when under the sun for too long. Your preferred jewelry should be gold or rose gold.

2) Cool:

Cool undertones mean that your face usually appears red, pink often. Your skin is sensitive and generally pale. You would look amazing in jewellry that has light shades such as white gold, platinum or silver.

3) Neutral:

A Neutral skin tone is basically a mixture of both! Your skin’s undertone is more or less the same as your skin tone. Your skin feels flushed but also appears yellow. You can rock both light metals and gold-toned metals.

So, whether you’re pretty and fair or are a gorgeous wheatish beauty, your skin’s undertone can be warm, neutral, and cool. It all depends on what’s underneath, like literally!

How to Find Your Undertone?

Now you may wonder what skin undertones would categorize yourself in after getting familiar with the definition of skin undertone. You’d be relieved to know that finding what undertone you are is pretty easy because no one knows our skin better than we do.

In order to find, whether which side you’re on, there are two basic ways or tests to identify it.

1) The Vein Test

The vein test is an excellent way to identify what skin undertone you are, you need to check the color of the veins on your wrist!

  • Go to an area that has decent lighting, essentially, daylight is better.
  • Put out your hand towards the light and check for the veins that appear on your wrists
  • They should be ideally, green, purple, or blue
  • If the colour of your veins appear Blue, you’ve a cool undertone
  • If they’re purple, you’ve a neutral undertone
  • If they’re green or olive, you’ve a warm undertone

This method is quite basic and the easiest way of knowing the “true color of your skin” by which you can now know how to choose the right colors for you. However, if you’re still not satisfied another way of testing the warm vs cool tone test is the Fitzpatrick Skin Type test

2) Fitzpatrick Skin Types Test

The Fitzpatrick Skin Types Test is a test to identify whether you have a warm undertone or a cool undertone. It helps you to identify which range your skin falls under by identifying whether you tan or burn when you’re under the sunlight for a longer period of time.

The difference between tanning and burning under the sun is how your skin reacts when you’re under the sun for a longer period of time. So, if you get red quickly under the harsh sun and your skin becomes sensitive to touch, you get “sunburned.” Whereas, when the sun doesn’t cause your skin much discomfort and you don’t get red like a tomato but only get a little darker in the sun, means you get “sun tanned”.


  • Do you rarely ever get sun burned and get tanned easily? Then you’re a warm undertone
  • If you’re easily sun burned and sensitive to the sun, then you’re a cool undertone!
  • If you’re somewhere in the middle, then hey, you’re a neutral toned!

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of your skin’s undertone, it’s time to start knowing what color looks good on you and what foundation to get now and look flawless!

Bilal Uddin

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