Find Yourself the Most Flattering Pair of Jeans with Daraz!

Find Yourself the Most Flattering Pair of Jeans with Daraz!

Finding a good pair of jeans can get a little difficult because there are a number of different kinds and all of the fits don’t really suit all the body types and cuts. Specially, when you’re buying a pair of jeans online, without trying, you really wouldn’t know what actually suits you the best. So, here’s a guide which will not only tell you the different fits but you’ll also get to know the factors you should consider before purchasing one for yourself.

So, here are a few things you need to know and keep in mind while getting a new pair of jeans:

Good Stitch

While buying a jeans, you need to make sure the stitch is durable enough. You would obviously not want something that pull or split. Double stitching should be great. Incase you’re not able to figure out the quality of stitching, try stretching it a bit to see how the hem is. If you’re getting it online, check the stitch before removing the tag or doing anything else and if you’re not satisfied, return it right away.


Usually, the jeans sizes are based on the waist measurements. All you want is an accurate fit and for that, you need to measure your waist. So, once you know your correct size, it wouldn’t be a big problem to shop jeans online. Also, length shouldn’t be a problem. If your size has a longer length, you can either fold them for have them altered.


Stretchy jeans can be great. Not only comfy but they work well with curvy figures. But, the deal is, your jeans should stretch very little and if it stretches alot, then that will be a jeggings. So, while shopping for jeans, check the percentage of Lycra or Spandex on your jeans label. It should be 2% at max and if it is more, it will wear out very easily. Be wise while making a purchase.


Price shouldn’t really be a problem. Not every high priced jeans is good in quality and not every low priced jeans is supposed to be bad. So, before you buy a jeans, do not focus on the price but focus on all the other factors that will help you decide how good the jeans is.


If you wish to give yourself a thinner, longer look, choose dark washes. If you have thin legs, lighter washes will also suit really well! A monochromatic wash will hel you hide your calves and give them a cigarette leg look. s


The most important thing to understand is the fit of your jeans. Size is important so it fits you well but a fit would help you determine what suits your body type and body cut. Rise also plays an important role and if you try to size up with a rise that you don’t want, you might end up getting a poor and uncomfortable fit. So, you need to pick a style that fits your body style and comfort level. Here are all the fits that’ll help you make the right decision. If you like a product, click on it to buy it!

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans is basically a skin hugging jeans that fits perfectly and take the shape of your legs. You can easily flaunt a skinny jeans if you have thin legs. These are usually stretchable too which is why they fit just right. If you have an hour-glass shaped body or a body with thin legs, this is just the right fit for you!

Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit is the kind that fits tightly helping you hide your body imperfections. These are casual but at the same time, you can easily wear them for a party and give you a formal look. The name says it all!

Straight Jeans

If you’re one of those who loves skinny jeans but do not have the confidence to pull it off, you probably need a straight jeans fit. They are not too loose like boyfriend jeans but not to skinny like skinny/slim fit jeans and they make you look leaner and longer. The straight fit suits all body types!

Boot cut Jeans

Boot cut is a great style for all body types specially curvy women. They’re slightly flared past our calf muscles giving a hot look to all the age groups!

Flared Jeans

These are similar to Boot cut but slightly more open and give a nineties impression. They are between boot cut and bell bottoms but they specifically look great on curvy women.

Boyfriend Jeans

These are named boyfriend jeans cause they look a lot like you’re wearing a men’s jeans. However, these are super stylish and they give a very casual look too. These are a great choice for curvy, pear shaped or apple shaped women but not something for short girls.


These are leggings in denim fabric so the style is the same as jeans. These look quite similar to skinny fitted jeans and they look super stylish as well. Instead of the button, there’s a waist band making them even more comfortable to wear! These fit all the body types and even work great for pregnant women.

Cool Jeans

Here are a few cool, stylish designs in different fits that might also attract you.

Were you able to find yourself the right pair of jeans? Let us know in the comments below!

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