Follow These 9 Tips to Keep Your Phone’s Storage From Getting Full!

Follow These 9 Tips to Keep Your Phone’s Storage From Getting Full!

You’re walking with your friends when suddenly you see something super fascinating and, of course, being in an age where smartphones literally run our lives, our first instinct is to pull out our phone and take a picture or make a video of it, but wait! As soon you open up your camera, your phone puts you into the bitter reality of “no storage left”

Storage space is a super pesky and annoying issue. Our phone keeps prompting and sending us notifications that the phone’s storage is full as if our life depends on it!

But, don’t worry. There are some simple measures you can take to make space in your phone and enjoy using your phone how you used to.

Here are some tips you can follow to keep your phone’s storage issue at bay:

1) Delete The Extra Apps

We all have apps that we once downloaded out of impulse and forgot about those later on. Trust me, if you’ve forgotten about those, it means you don’t need them anymore so the first and the most basic rule is that delete those applications right away

2) Stream Your Music Instead of Downloading

Downloading music used to be an important feature a few years ago but downloading music on your phone occupies a lot of space. There are many apps you can now use to stream music and even listen to music offline such as Spotify, Deezer and Soundcloud.

3) Keep Track of Your Storage

People often consider seeing how much storage space is left only when they start getting the prompt that their storage is almost full. Consider keeping a track of how much space is left in your phone more often. Essentially you should have at least 2 GB free space in your phone

4) Clear Those Caches!

The easiest way to get a little space boost on your phone is by clearing the caches! You can do this by going over to your phone’s settings, selecting the Apps Settings and Storage and selecting the option that says “clear cache”

5) Sync Your Gallery Images on Cloud Storage

The hardest thing to do when making space on your phone is deleting those old pictures and videos that have so many memories behind them. However, you skip that heartache by “backing up” those pictures on a cloud storage. If you have an Android, you can back up your media files on Google Photos and on an iOS you can back those images in your iCloud storage

6) Use “Lite” Versions of Apps

If you’re in too deep with your phone’s storage being full it could be mean that the versions of the applications you have in your phone may be too heavy to be supported by your phone. You can switch to using the Apps designed specifically for phones with a lower RAM and storage. Some of those options are that you can switch from Facebook to Facebook Lite or Instagram Lite etc.

7) Delete Old Messages

We’re all added to a bunch of random groups and spammed with service text messages that we tend to ignore. Delete all those such messages including the GIFs stored in your phone’s chats. They tend to hog up a lot of space and even your phone’s system memory

8) Use Your Social Media as a Gallery Back Up

If your cloud storage is full as well and you’re left with no option than to delete and clear out your gallery then we have a hack that you’ll love. You can upload your photos and videos on Facebook and keep them in the Only Me settings. This way you will keep those images safe and can delete them from your phone without losing them ever!

9) Download a Storage Cleaning/Saving App

There are many applications available that you can use to help in clearing your phone. These can automatically clear the cache, clear the RAM and even detect what apps are causing harm to your phone and consuming too much battery. However, be wary of which app you download as many contain malware and will show pop up ads frequently. So, make sure you keep this as a last option!

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