Why Galentines Day Needs to Be a Thing

Why Galentines Day Needs to Be a Thing

All these years, Disney has been feeding us fairy tales, telling us true love solves all. There’s one thing however that they sorely got wrong. True love exists, not in Prince Charming, but in the amazing BFFs we keep around us.

So, forget Valentines. This time, we’re celebrating Galentines Day!

Because in a true #GirlSquad everyone takes care of one another

and isn’t afraid to show the love

So get your gal pals something and tell them how much you love them

Something that tells them they’re family

Or these mobile skins to tell people not to mess with you or your #squad

or perhaps this sweatshirt that does the job too

Or go old school with a matching ring for all your amazing BFFs

and a T-shirt that makes your friendship ‘Official’

And why not something to sip tea in while you gossip?

Because girlfriends are Forever!

Sadia Khan

Lead Content Producer at Daraz and a beauty influencer on Youtube. Addicted to Sushi, Travelling, and Chess. https://rb.gy/m0uxcl

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