Get Fit at your Office Desk with these tips!

Get Fit at your Office Desk with these tips!

If you’re into fitness or have recently joined the bandwagon of getting healthy and toned then you must have come across the struggle to make time for your work outs.

Going to the gym requires a lot of discipline but when you’re working 9 hours a day and get home late from work everyday because stress can never leave you then you definitely can’t make a fixed time to get your muscles moving on the equipment and exercise.

If you’ve been feeling guilty that you’re not getting enough exercise than you planned to get or just want to make every opportunity count then you can work out in your office as well!

The first and foremost thing about working out is finding the motivation to reach your goal. Remember, every little move counts. So, go ahead and follow these tips and start getting fit

Park Your Car Far From Your Office

This trick will make sure you’re keeping your leg muscles toned. This is one way to ensure you’re getting your morning walk or jog if you’re getting late.


Take the Stairs

Work those glutes and build your stamina by taking the stairs instead of elevators to your office everyday. It’ll feel painful in the start but you’re bound to get used to it eventually


Seated Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are essential if you’re looking to tone your body a little. This can be easily done while sitting on your desk. Lift your leg slowly at a 90 degree angle and keep holding for 60 seconds each till you feel a tingling sensation

fitness office – business man exercising in office with leg

Wall Squats

Squats are extremely good for toning your lower body. You can take out a minute of your time and get into the squat position. Stand against the wall and do at least 15 squats in the start and eventually increase it with time


Get up every hour

Sitting too long isn’t good for your fitness. If you want to stay active, try getting up after every hour and take a brisk walk around the office

Keep a good posture when sitting

Slouching can cause your belly to get flabby with time. Focus on maintaining your posture and keeping your back straight so stay healthy


Move Around!

Are you ever worried that you move too much and fidget a lot? Well, there’s good news for you. According to fitness experts, simple fidgeting can actually burn you a few calories


Hold your abs and meditate!

Don’t want to make it to obvious you’re trying to stay fit during work? You can discreetly hold your belly in for 30 seconds. No one can tell what you’re doing if you keep a straight face. If you’re okay with people noticing, you can try mediating to limit the stress from work when you get a chance. It’s an excellent way of staying fit!

Stretch Out!

Don’t let your muscles get too stiff. Make sure you lightly stretch while sitting on your desk time to time. Consider it as a warm up.


Of course, these tips will allow if you to stay more active everyday. If you’re looking to lose weight and make drastic changes to your weight then you should make sure you’re taking less calories and than what you’re burning. It’s always wise to study about your body prehand and know what’s right for you so you can meet your goals and eventually stay healthy!

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