Get the look – Glitter Smokey Eye

Get the look – Glitter Smokey Eye

Time to master the glitter smokey eye and look ‘oh so glam’! With winter behind us and summer upon us, it’s time for the party season to kick in and we all love a bit of smokey eye to give us just the perfect formal make-up look we need. No need to spend hours at the salon waiting for your turn to get your make-up done. Mastering your make-up look is just a  few steps away and our list of products is just what you need to get the look better and quicker.

If you get the hang of this easy make-up look we assure you you will never get enough of it!


1.Start with applying an eye-shadow primer for a seamless and smooth eye make-up application.

2. Trace the inner corners of the eyes and brow bone to create a prominent high point on the eye.




3. Apply a small amount of dark brown eye-shadow to the crease and work your way to above the crease line to blend the dark shadow. This step with help create the illusion of a deep eye socket.

4. Apply the second shade (champagne gold) to the eye lid to add a subtle gold base for the glittery eye-shadow to be applied later.

5. Apply this dark shadow to the corners of the outer lids and blend it all the way to the middle lid. Make sure to really go dark at the corners. Take a thinner brush to carefully line the lower lid with the same dark shade you applied at the corners.


6. Apply kajal from the inner waterline all the way to the outer end of the waterline. Also line the lash line for a more intense look. This step will also help the lashes look thicker.


7. Carefully dab a small amount of golden glitter to the middle lid gently press to ensure the glitter doesn’t shed off.

8. Apply a neat thick coat of liquid eye-liner. A cat eye-liner look will enhance your smokey eye make-up making your eyes look bigger.


9. Once eye-liner is dry, apply a set of nature-looking false lashes.



10. to complete the smokey eye look, apply a single coat of mascara to give your lashes a complete look.



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