How To Get The Perfect Red Lip

How To Get The Perfect Red Lip

Who doesn’t want the perfect red lips. They are sultry, chic and great for any occasion! Although it seems like such an effortless look, creating the red lip requires a lot more effort than just a quick swipe of lipstick. And that is why, we put together this amazing tutorial that will teach you how to apply red lipstick like a pro in no time!


Prepare your canvas

For a sophisticated red lip look, you need smooth, clean and hydrated lips! Start off by exfoliating your lips with a store bought sugar scrub or simply create your own by mixing honey and sugar together! Prevent your lips from getting dry and flaky by adding just a touch of Vaseline or a natural oil of your preference.

Time to prime

Priming your lips is crucial before you reach for that colour! This gives your lips a smooth and matte effect while ensuring your lipstick stays on a whole lot longer!

Draw the line

Trace the outline of your lips to keep the red hues from bleeding and getting a more crisp, long lasting colour!

Lay the foundation

Lightly dab your go-to foundation over your lips with your fingertips. Although this may seem a little silly, the nude hues help the red tones stay vivid and really stand out!


Colour in

We highly suggest using a lip brush to fill in the red because this bold color requires a lot more control. Use short brush strokes and focus on the centre of your lips to make them appear more fuller.

Finishing touches

Set the colour in place with some loose or translucent powder. Use a concealer brush to carefully run it around the line of your lips to get that sleek edge and clean up any sloppy accidents you had when applying. For a bit of sparkle or shine, you can finish up with a swipe of gloss!






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