Give Your Baby These Fun Toys to Play With!

Give Your Baby These Fun Toys to Play With!

Taking care of your baby can be quite the task- especially when you’re a first time parent! Feeding them, changing them, cleaning them, keeping them entertained, and the list of baby-errands goes on and on.


We know this can be an overwhelming time for you, overwhelming but blessed. And we want to help make this experience easier, simpler and more fun!

Check out this list of fun toys that we’re sure will keep your munchkin occupied and entertained while you get some peace of mind!

Plush Dolls

Sooner or later, your child is going to reach that age when they’re going to randomly start throwing stuff. A 4 month old baby can open their fists and clench, so you want to make sure that their toys are safer and still fun.

That’s why plush toys are always such a great idea. They’re soft, mushy and colorful – everything your kid needs to stay fascinated!

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Rattle Toy Sets

We’re yet to meet a kid who doesn’t enjoy plating with fun sounds, or making them! Rattle toys are a great way to keep a baby occupied. They simply love shaking the toy to hear the rattling sound. For whatever reason, it comes as a total joy to them.

So get your baby a couple of these and you wouldn’t hear a peep out of them for quite some time!

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Teething Toys

Babies can start teething from an age as young as 2 months, and might also not start until 6 months of age. Needless to say, every baby grows at their individual pace, but it would be a good idea to introduce some teething toys once your munchkin reaches 4 months.

Take a look at these fun teething toys that your baby ought to love:

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Book Toys

You want to use this time to give your baby a fun education experience too. At four months of age, kids become very intuitive and it’s important to nurture their cognitive abilities during this time. And what better way to do this than using a fun, interactive and colorful book toy.

A book toy can talk about the alphabet, first words, children rhymes, and so much more. Here are some book toys that you might like:

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Other Toys Your Child Might Like

Kids can be very moody- they can develop interest in one toy today and lose it the next day. Here are some other toys that can help you provide a diverse set of toys to avoid them from getting bored with their toys too soon.

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Your baby brings joy to your life, we know. That’s why at, we’ve stocked a ton of baby toys that your adorable munchkin might enjoy.

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