Grab The Best Sehr and Iftar Deals in Pakistan for Ramadan 2019

Grab The Best Sehr and Iftar Deals in Pakistan for Ramadan 2019

Ramadan means getting to enjoy great deals and iftar buffets 2019 at your favorite eateries. Whether you are planning to eat out for Suhoor or Iftar, we’ve made a compilation of all the great deals and discounts on Sehr and Iftar.

KFC Ramadan Feast

KFC Ramadan deal 2019

Burger Lab Sacred Feast

Burger Lab Iftar deal 2019

Fire Burger Feast 2gether

Fire Burger Ramadan deal 2019

Bambou Discount

Bambou Ramadan Discount 2019

Cocochan Iftar Buffet

Cocochan Ramadan Deal 2019

Vintage Café Deals

Vintage Café Iftar Deals 2019

Dominos Holy Sweet Sehr & Iftar Deals

Dominos Iftar and Sehri Deals 2019

California Pizza Iftar Blessings

California Pizza Iftar Deal 2019

Chatterbox Chattiest Iftar

Chatterbox Iftar Deal 2019

Chop Chop Wok Ramadan Deal

Chop Chop Wok Iftar Deal 2019

Newyork Coffee Sehri Discount

Newyork Sehri Deal 2019

Slamvich Iftar Offer

Slamvich Iftar Deal 2019

Ginsoy Live Iftar Buffet

Ginsoy Iftar Buffet 2019

Chaupal Iftar Buffet

Chaupal Iftar Deal 2019

TAO Iftar Buffet

Tao Iftar Buffet 2019

Koel Special Iftar Menu

Koel Iftar Deal 2019

ZAOQ Iftar Buffet

Zaoq Iftar Buffet 2019

Wingitt All you can eat

Wingitt Iftar Deal 2019

Amichi Ramadan Deals

Amichi Ramadan Deal 2019

Nando’s Appeteaser Platter

Nando’s Iftar Deal 2019

OPTP Ramadan Deals

OPTP Ramadan Deal 2019

Dialogue Ramadan Discounts

Dialogue Ramadan Deal 2019

Bonsai Sehri Buffet

Bonsai Sehri Deal 2019



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