Guess What? Daraz is Back With EVERYTHING You Want to Order!

Guess What? Daraz is Back With EVERYTHING You Want to Order!

How many of you have missed shopping for your favorite items? Well, we’re with you!

But you don’t need to worry anymore. While all shops and malls are closed during the lockdown, Daraz is here to cater to your shopping needs. Yes, you heard us!

Daraz is back with EVERYTHING you might want to order!

Until some days ago, Daraz was only delivering essentials but now we’re back with a bang! All our items are available again – so, you can now make a shopping cart of all your favorite items and place your order on Daraz today!

Now let’s look at your options:

Daily Essentials from dMart & dFresh

Daraz’s dMart and dFresh are your online hub to get groceries plus fresh fruits and vegetables from! Whether you’re looking for kitchen essentials, beauty, laundry or hygiene products, mother and baby items, or anything else, Daraz is there to answer in your hour of need!

Don’t know how to order from dMart? Click here!

Latest Fashion Collection

You can now stop worrying about your Eid outfits. All your favorite fashion brands are now available on Daraz for you to order online!

Our top brands are: Generation, BTW, Limelight, Sitara Studio, Orient Textiles, Daraz Select, and many more!

Avoid any confusion by learning how to shop for fashion on Daraz and start picking out your favorite dresses ASAP.

Here are some of our top picks for you:

Electronic Devices & Home Appliances

If you’ve been thinking to get a new phone or a TV for yourself, then now is a great time! All the electronics you want to order are available at Daraz in amazing prices.

Some of the most popular brands like Philips, Tecno, Hisense, TCL , Haier, and Huawei are offering amazing discounts on Daraz! Whats’s more – if you’re worried about emptying your wallet in one go, then you can also purchase through installments!

Digital Sahulat for Digital Goods

For many of us, staying at home means getting engrossed in video games and online shows/movies. Well, Daraz makes going digital a whole lot easier!

Whether you want to get discounts on your health test or top up your mobile balance, Daraz is doing it all!

Order from DarazMall

All products with the DarazMall label are 100% authentic and genuine . There are many flagship stores of various brands under DarazMall. Any purchases that you make via DarazMall will give you no reason to doubt the quality or the authenticity of the items!

Buying from DarazMall means that you get quality, easy exchange policy and express delivery!

What’s express delivery? Keep reading!

Get Early Deliveries with Express Shipping

If you don’t want to wait too long for your order, then go for Daraz’s Express Shipping! These orders are Fulfilled by Daraz (FBD) and delivered o your doorstep in no time!

Read about how to place your FBD orders and enjoy your super fast delivery!

We have limited products available for express delivery. So, remember to check the delivery option before placing your order!

With Daraz back with a bang, you’re all set to order whatever you want, whenever you want, in the best possible rates and prices. And hey! Remember, if there was a problem with your order, you can always return your order on Daraz!

So, don’t let the isolation isolate your shopping needs!

Download your Daraz App and happy shopping!–443.0.0.22d72fd2Y6oi0f–443.0.0.22d72fd2Y6oi0f

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