Hair Care Mistakes You Need To Stop Making RIGHT NOW!

Hair Care Mistakes You Need To Stop Making RIGHT NOW!

Bad hair days are the worst! You can take your sweet time in making your hair the way you want it to look but still ends up looking brassy and frizzy. We all have been there and wasted hours in making and trying our locks to have that perfect look and hiding under the disguise of being “fashionably late.”

If you struggle with achieving the flawless hairstyle look then it could be that your hair is lacking the important care and nourishment required. Even after using the best shampoos and oils, you are having problems like hair fall, lack of shine, split ends and it just ends up looking limpy, then it is a possibility that you are making some mistakes which is resulting in your hair rebelling!

People often tend to have habits that causes harm to your hair and in the long run makes it harder to tame and manage.

If you’re wondering why you can’t achieve the shiny luscious look then it could be because you’re not taking care of hair the way you should be and could be making these following mistakes!

Brushing Incorrectly

Brushing your hair is super necessary and something everyone does but it is important to know if you’re brushing your hair correctly or not.

If you brush too often and start from the head to the end, it will damage your hair in the long run. Start with the tips of your hair first and gradually untangle the ends and then start brushing from top to bottom. Make sure you also use a brush with soft bristles!

Not Protecting Hair from the Sun

Just like your skin, your hair gets damaged from the sun as well. Avoid being too much in the sun or if you have to, wear a sun cat or cap to lessen the direct damage from the sun!

Towel Drying Harshly

Yes, wet hair is really annoying and bothersome but drying your hair with towel like how they show in TV is a first line gate way to hair damage! The correct way to dry your hair with a towel is too gently squeeze your hair with the towel instead of rubbing over your head. If you need to wrap the towel on your head to keep them in place, you can use an old cotton T-shirt as it also helps with eliminating frizz

Not Using a Conditioner

More people believe that conditioners are not all important and only a myth to increase sale but no, sadly, you do need the conditioner. Conditioners maintains the tips of your hair from being too dry and maintains the moisture that can be lost from washing  

Keeping Your Hair Tightly Tied in a Bun

Let those locks be free! Keeping your hair tied in a bun can make them brittle and easily breakable. Keep them loosely tied if you must and use a clip or scrunchie instead of a rubber band.

Not Oiling Enough

Okay, we gotta give this one to our grandmas! They were right when you they gave you those long lectures how you should oil your hair every week. Oiling helps with keep your hair healthy and it is the easiest way to deeply condition your hair and combat problems like dandruff and hair fall

Brushing Wet Hair

This is a big no, no! Hair is already weak when it is wet and brushing them rigorously can cause them to weaken from the roots and lead to hair breaking often. The best way to untangle your wet hair is by using a wide teeth comb and gently brushing the ends first

Not Using Heat Protection

Hair styling is now super essential before going to any event. Even though the latest hair straighteners and curling irons/wands are less damaging then how they previously were, it is still damaging to your hair. You should ALWAYS use a heat protecting serum before styling your hair!

Using a Shampoo With Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals can rid your hair of the natural oils and leave them super dry and rough. Using shampoos that have more organic and natural ingredients is always a better idea. If you feel your hair is drying out too much use shampoos that are paraben free and SLS free!

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