What Happens When You Don’t Wear Eyeliner

What Happens When You Don’t Wear Eyeliner

Putting on eyeliner is hard okay!

Getting the perfect wing and that too in the mornings is just wayyyyy too much commitment
We can’t all be Adele

So one day you decide to go without
NBD right?

And you know what you end up hearing all day

“Tumhari tabyat kharaab hai?”

“Raat ko soyi nahin?”

“Are you tired?”

“Were your eyes always this small?”

But hey, that’s ok
It’s better than looking like this!

but if you low-key want to perfect your liner game here’s a few tips & tricks

Try using gel liner instead of liquid

Use tape or a sticker to map it out

or use these nifty stencils to map out the look you want

just don’t let the haters get to you

Usman Ghani

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