Bringing the Family Together Will be a Piece of Cake with These 11 Classic Board Games!

Bringing the Family Together Will be a Piece of Cake with These 11 Classic Board Games!

If you’ve been wondering how to pass your time well at home, then we’re here to help. Knowing that you’ve more time to spend with your family, this would be a great opportunity to have some fun family time! And what better way to do so than with a Family Game Night?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? We know! And board games have long been the traditional way of bringing lots of people together in an entertaining style!

So today, we’re going to give you a list of some amazing and fun board games that you could enjoy with your family at home! Here we go:

The Good Old LUDO

Let’s start with our very own old-school, family, board game – Ludo! We all know this one, and a family game night of Ludo is all we really need to raise our spirits! Not to mention, it is so much fun for both adults and kids!

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Age: 7+, Players: 2-4,
Objective: Roll the dice and move your goti according to the dice number. The first player to move his around the board, kill at least one opponent goti and make it inside home wins!

Climb and Slide with SNAKES AND LADDERS

If you know about ludo. then you probably also know about Snakes and Ladders. This straight forward board game is perfect if you want to play something that’s not too time-consuming.

Age: 7+, Players: 2-4, Objective: The first player to movie across the board and reach the 100th block wins!

Improve Your Vocabulary with SCRABBLE

If there’s one board game that’s fun and productive, then it’s Scrabble! It’s a great brain teaser and you can spice it up by introducing modern day slangs or making the game about Urdu words, and so on! Language is creative, and so can this game be!

Image result for scrabble
Age: 6+, Players: 2-5,
Objective: Play till the board is filled, the player with the highest score wins!

Become a Mastermind of SEQUENCE

Sequence Strategy Board Game For Kids

Become an expert at strategy by playing the famous Sequence! Get your family together and see who is the real master after all!

Age: 7+, Players: 2 – 12,
Objective: Make a sequence of 5 cards horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Do so by choosing to place a chip on the board corresponding to one of your set of cards.

Improve You Thinking Skills with CHESS

Speaking of strategy, Chess has always been the king of strategy games. Get a family member to accept your challenge to see who’s the champion of checkmate!

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Age: 6+, Players: 2,
Objective: Move your chess pieces strategically to checkmate the king of your opponent.

Master Precision with CAROM

Gather your family to play a competitive game of Carom! See, once and for all, who really is the best at aiming and precision. This is certainly one of those games that families can wholeheartedly enjoy!

Image result for carrom board
Age: 7+, Players: 2-4
Objective: Pot your pucks to make higher score and win the game!

Have Unspeakable Fun with TABOO

Bring together all the young ones in your family to play an amusing game of Taboo! See who is smart enough to think on their feet make the right guesses without saying too much.

Image result for tabboo board game
Age: 13+, Players: two teams of 3+ players,
Objective: Get your team to guess the words without using the forbidden (or taboo) words. The team with the most guesses wins!

Test Your Detective Skills with CLUE

Experience what it feels like to be Sherlock Holmes by playing this classic detective game! Get all the eager ones in your house to play Clue and enjoy some quality time solving a murder mystery!

Image result for clue board game
Age: 8+, Players: 2-6,
Objective: Solve a murder mystery by going into different rooms and making possible suggestions. The player to solve first wins!

Deal in Real Estate & Money with MONOPOLY

Easily one of the oldest board games that’s also one of the most popular ones. Monopoly gives you the experience of trading property and dealing with game money, giving you all the feels of the real world; but in a rather fun way!

Image result for monopoly board
Age: 8+, Players: 2-8,
Objective: Trade and buy properties with game money and remain financially stable while forcing others into bankruptcy.

Who Doesn’t Enjoy a Game of CHECKERS?

If you’ve played chess, then you sure know about checkers too. An exciting game of diagonals, you’re going to love playing this game with an equally excited opponent!

Image result for checkers board
Age: 6+, Players: 2,
Objective: Move your game piece diagonally across the board, all the way to the opponent’s end to make new kings. The player with more number of kings wins!

Put Your Sketching Skills to Test with PICTIONARY

Remember how you loved playing Dumb Charades? Pretty much the same, in this game you’ve to DRAW to help your team guess what your card says! You may have amazing and rookie artists on your team, so Pictionary can be quite hilarious!

Image result for pictionary board
Age: 7+, Players: 2 teams of 2+ players,
Objective: Draw to help your team guess the word on your card. The team to reach the end of the board first wins!

So don’t get lazy these days and forget all about having fun! Here are some other games you might want to try with your fam-jam! And In case your laziness does get the better of you, here are some ways to motivate yourself:–443.0.0.cff52fd2M5vil5

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