11 Khussa Designs for You to Flaunt at Any Occassion!

11 Khussa Designs for You to Flaunt at Any Occassion!

Hello! Hello! And hello! We’re back with the best solutions to all your styling concerns! Previously we’ve helped you find your favorite Eid outfit, your accessories to go with the Eid attire , and now we’re here to help you find the right footwear for all your low-key traditional outfits…..and the not-so-traditional ones too!

And the answer is O-N-E word – KHUSSAY!

This old-school footwear was never really forgotten – it may have become a little underrated in between but khussay may have made one of the biggest comebacks any fashion staple may have made in history!

Here are some amazing picks that you can wear with your Eid outfit, or to a shadi, dawat, work, or anywhere else!

These Multani Khussay are perfect to wear to any small gathering or a hangout, where you don’t want to dress up too much.

These chic Khussay with Pom-Pom would be so great to pull off in a friendly hangout!

Talk about trendy and colorful at the same time! So, are you ready to wear this pretty Handcrafted Khussa to a colorful evening?

Looking for wedding-appropriate khussay? Aren’t these intricately designed Golden Kundan Khussay perfect for such an event?

Here’s another absolutely gorgeous Leather Embroidered Khussafor a shadi event!

Just another embroidered variety – an Embossed Indian Khussa for you to style to another fancy party!

Here’s a black Embroidred Leather Khussa with a spread-out design (embroidery jaal) to go with any pret wear. Or pair this with a simple outfit and voila – suddenly your dress isn’t that simple anymore!

Look at this gorgeous intricately designed Khussa with Embellised Bells and Sequins! Imagine wearing this khussa with a chooridar pajama and pishwas!

Ah, this Ajrak Khussa! The sindhi Ajrak design never fails to look fabulous. So having this infinitely handsome design on a khussa is simply a unique and smart idea!

How great would this Colorful Khussa look with jeans? Or a mono-toned outfit??

And lastly, a simple, Casual Khussa that will, quite literally, go with all kinds of dresses – Eastern or Western!

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