Here’s a Checklist of Groceries You Should Be Stocking Up for Ramadan

Here’s a Checklist of Groceries You Should Be Stocking Up for Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadan will be upon us in a matter of few days. And with everything going on, it’s best course of action to stock up your groceries in advance. After all, we want to make sure our iftar tables are filled with a variety of delicious items to break our fast with.

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Now let’s go through our list, and make sure to get all these things earlier!

Dates or Khajoor are the Ramadan essentials. It’s the recommended way of breaking your fast, and to be honest, khajoors bring the Ramadan feels on the iftar table!

Can you imagine your iftar table without the good old Qarshi Jam e Shirin? We can’t! After a long day of fasting, one glass of jam e Shirin is everything you want to quench that thirst!

For iftar, suhoor or just after the tarawih prayers, Tang is always a personal favorite during the month of fasting. The rush of citrus taste is refreshing and very soothing!

Surely your iftar has lots of variety, including sandwiches! So for that, make sure you have enough chicken spread!

How are you going to fry your samosas, spring rolls and pakoray without enough cooking oil? It’s probably one of the most needed ingredients, so make sure you don’t fall short of it!

Fruit Chaat is one of the main dishes of Ramadan! Juicy, tasty and healthy – that’s fruit chaat for you. Get the fruits for your fruit chaat, so that you never have to go an iftar without this necessary dish!

Whether it’s chaai or dodh-wala roohafza, lassi or dahi barhay – you need Milk for all of them! Milk is a must-have ingredient for countless dishes and beverages we make. Stock up on your share of milk today!

And if you prefer having ready-to-drink beverages, then make sure to fill your fridge with some juices and fruit drinks!

For your sandwiches, and anda double-roti – bread is a must. We don’t even need to explain why!

During your iftars or the night prayers, or for those untimely cravings during the non-fasting hours, these crunchy snacks are perfect to keep your taste buds and tummy happy!

Can you imagine your day without tea or coffee? Yeah, sounds impossible doesn’t it. It’s bad enough you can’t have it while fasting, right? Well, then make sure you’ve got your chaai and coffee reserves replenished before Ramadan

Make sure to stock up your frequently used spices and of course, salt and sugar too.

Lastly, you want your basic covered too – so, rice, aataa and basin. Keep these in your kitchen as well!

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  • Please don’t promote Tang it’s not a juice even no way near to a juice it’s just a drink with no benefit at all instead promote fresh juice sharbat or bottle juice

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