Here’s a Complete List of Every Type of Person You’ll Meet During Wedding Season This Year

Here’s a Complete List of Every Type of Person You’ll Meet During Wedding Season This Year

Wedding season – or Decemberistan as some call us – is upon us. And that means the wedding invites are going to start pouring in. If you happen to attend any of the festivities these coming months, we can bet you’re going to end up meeting at least one of these people.

See if you can recognize yourself or your friends in the list too!

1) The Bhoookas

The most common type of people you will meet at any wedding are the ones who are legit only there for the food. They don’t care for the dulha, the dulhan, or their beautiful union. They want biryani and they want botis. The end.

2) Beygaanay Ki Shaadi Mai Abdullahs

You’ll see these types of people in abundance at mehndis and dholkis. Give them a dance floor, give them a DJ and they’ll be good to go. We’re not complaining though – people who whole heartedly take on the life of the party are a refreshing addition to any wedding!

3) The Ones Who Come to Gossip Afterwards

These folks come with sharp ears and even sharper eyes. They’re just looking for something (or someone) to criticize. They will never walk out of a wedding satisfied. Anything and everything can be a source of gossip. Steer clear!

4) Unimpressed anti-wedding brigade

These poor fellows were probably dragged along by their family or friends to attend the wedding. They would much rather stay home than go out and waste their time celebrating strangers’ weddings.

5) All the Dulhan Wannabes

You know all those memes about how at desi weddings, it’s impossible to tell apart the bride from her bridesmaids? Well its all thanks to ladies like these who can’t help but go all out when it comes to dressing up for a wedding event. From statement jewelry, elaborate hairdos, and expertly applied makeup, you might just confuse them for the actual bride.

6) Rishta Hunters

Shaadis are a hot spot for rishta aunties. They have a tendency to huddle in groups while they size up potential candidates. They might even stop you (or your mom or your sister or your cousin) to ask about your interests, your studies, your job, and most importantly – your relationship status.

7) The Cynics

These mood killers walk around wondering very loudly why people would spend so much money on getting married, why they would commit to a single person and in general just why weddings exist to waste their time. Try and steer clear.

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