Here’s How to Order Authentic Products from DarazMall

Here’s How to Order Authentic Products from DarazMall

Let’s pretend that Daraz is a building with endless floors. Every floor has its own goods, its own sellers. Now imagine that there’s one particular floor where every seller and every product is 100% authentic – where you are not only guaranteed to get genuine products but you can also get express shipping and 14-day free returns.

That is essentially what DarazMall is like.

While Daraz is a huge marketplace with numerous sellers from all over the globe, DarazMall is a special platform within the marketplace that sells only authentic and licensed goods from brands.

This means that your fear of getting fake products from Daraz doesn’t need to be a fear at all!

What Brands Are Available on DarazMall?

There are two types of stores within DarazMall:

  1. Certified Stores: These are certified official re-sellers or distributors of specific brands.
  2. Flagship Stores: These are a selection of online stores for brands including a number of popular local and international brands.

The exact list of brands available on Daraz Mall is ever changing as our teams keep adding and collaborating with reputed names both across the country and across the globe. You’ll find popular local and international brands for fashion like Generation, Levis, and Junaid Jamshed as well as beauty cult favorites such as Loreal, Garnier and NYX. If you’re looking to buy genuine mobile phones on Daraz or genuine electronics, you may even come across brands like Infinix, OPPO, and Audionic.

How to Make Sure You’re Buying Authentic Products on Daraz?

If you want to make your shopping experience at Daraz completely authentic, the best way to do that is to ensure that you’re buying products from DarazMall.

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There are three ways to do this:

  1. Browse Products Exclusively Through the DarazMall Tab
    The first, and probably easiest way, to ensure you only come across genuine products on Daraz is to shop from the DarazMall tab you can see at the front of your app/website. This will take you to the Mall where you can customize your search based on categories.
  2. Look Out for the DarazMall Logo While Browsing the Website/App
    Whenever you search for a product, you will see certain product results display a thin blue bar above their name. These are certified genuine products form DarazMall.
  3. Filter Your Search Results
    In addition to looking for the DarazMall banner, you also have the option of filtering your search results by checking the DarazMall option underneath ‘Services’. This will ensure that only DarazMall products will be displayed in your search result.

Daraz always tries to ensure that you get nothing but genuine products from from the website, especially when you’re purchasing from a DarazMall seller.

So, sit back and relax because DarazMall has got your back!

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Usman Ghani


  • Is Vivo Flagship store Authentic ?

  • Daraz is the Name of trust . but some of your vendors sending worst things to their costumers and this is not Good for daraz future. I traped two times….

  • Daraz is the Name of trust . but some of your shareholders sending worst things to their costumers and this is not Good for daraz future.

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