Here’s How DarazCares Made a Difference in 2019!

Here’s How DarazCares Made a Difference in 2019!

Daraz since 2012, has been on a mission to provide a hassle-free and convenient shopping experience all over Pakistan which it has successfully achieved. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our users through the love and support.

Daraz understands how much a slight support can make a difference and thus, has vouched to take a step forward to give back to the society and deliver happiness on the go through Daraz Cares!

Everyday, Daraz Cares reaches out with initiatives to help entrepreneurs and sellers enhance their skills in digital marketing, build a better and more sustainable future and reach out to those in need.

Last year Daraz Cares had a busy year in giving back to the community. Here’s our year in a review on how Daraz Care worked to spread happiness!

Daraz Cares 2019 Highlights!

All year around – Charity and Donation Drives

Daraz Cares successfully ran charity and donation drives, awareness sessions regarding the environment, health, and importance of education. Furthermore, various Employee Volunteer Programs took place where Daraz employees participated and distribution drives for various NGOS and Institutes all over Pakistan took place bi-monthly.

March – Making Pakistan Day Memorable

March was all about focusing on education for all. So, Daraz Cares initiated a Pakistan Day Campaign that was partnered with TCF where the sellers educated children across Pakistan and collected Rs. 100,00 TCF for a better future for the children. Daraz Employees visited TCF School and spent their time with the kids at TCF so spread joy and awareness.

A second initiative by Daraz Cares was to source ration for underprivileged households. Daraz Care partnered with Rizq and provided ration to the needy.

April – Spreading Happiness with SOS

In April, Daraz Cares partnered with SOS Children’s Village where the aim was to spread joy and happiness, so with the Employee Volunteer Program, various gifts and tricycles were distributed to children at the SOS village.

May Made Our Motherland More Sustainable

May was a busy month for Daraz Cares. With Mother’s Day being an important day for us, we needed to give back to those who made us. Daraz Cares initiated a campaign that was partnered with Unilever where a 1000 baskets were distributed to Care Mothers at Hospitals and Orphanages. Furthermore, Daraz Care and SOS partnered with Butterfly to conduct and an Awareness Session about women’s health and its importance was conducted.

With our country being our Motherland, Daraz Cares worked on a sustainable future by participating in the Trash Tag and Daraz diligently conducted clean up drives that took place in 6 cities of Pakistan

With Ramadan, the month of blessings and giving back, Daraz Cares wanted to spread happiness to their most hard working staff and DCare Box were to distributed to the security staff.

And, Daraz Cares collected a total of $4,175 Zakat for collected for various NGOs and the employees of Daraz spent their time and had Iftar with Binte Fatima.

June – The Happiness Truck Initiative

Daraz Care’s Happiness Truck was all about spreading happiness to those who are in need of it the most, this is why Daraz visited the slums of Karachi and worked on making their lives a little better.

July – A More Educated Pakistan

For July, Daraz Cares generated funds for a better education and facilitation for underprivileged children. So, for TCF, a Bake Sale was organized by Daraz Care at the Daraz Head Office by Daraz Employees and TCF Volunteers and the all revenue generated was given to TCF

August – Sharing Happiness with Special Olympics Pakistan

In August, Daraz collaborated with the heroes of Pakistan, the Special Olympics Pakistan Team and organized a successful sports event where SOP participated.

September – Lifting Spirits on Children’s Day

In September, the highlight of the month is Children’s Day and bringing smile to their faces is the true form of joy. So, for Children’s Day, in collaboration with DFC, Daraz visited the SOS Children’s Village and spent a fun day with the children.

A clothes drive was also conducted where Daraz initiated to donate used and new clothes to Akhuwat Clothes Bank on monthly basis

October – Health Drives and Spreading Awareness

In October, Daraz Cares partnered with the Al Khidmat Foundation Daraz sponsored game and gifts at the event. All the amount collected was donated to AlKhidmat

In October, the aim of Daraz Cares was promoting awareness about health and taking measures for it. Since, October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, Daraz partnered with Pink Ribbon Pakistan and conducted an online campaign to spread awareness about breast cancer among employees.

In collaboration with the Indus Hospital, a Health Drive Awareness Session was conducted where a Blood Donation Camp was organized as well and Daraz Care gathered funds for Indus Hospital.

October also focused on empowering women where a Women Seller Empowerment Partnership with Karvaan was organized which provided women for all across Pakistan a space to their their handcrafted goods with ease and provided them awareness about enhancing their capabilities with with e-commerce.

November – Initiative to Make Pakistan Green for 11.11 

In November, the hustle and bustle for the 11.11 mega sale is all around Daraz. So, Daraz Cares wanted to make this opportunity more sustainable. In partnership with Bulleshah Packaging, a Recycle Daraz Boxes initiative took place where Daraz Cares encouraged people to recycle Daraz Delivery Boxes for a better environment.

Previously, Daraz Cares, in partnership with UNAP, had also initiated a tree plantation drive in the monsoon season by which around 11,000 trees were planted. Daraz employees also reached out to the NJW plantation and planted trees at a ceremony held at NJW School located in Korangi.

December – Gratitude for Our Dex Heroes

At the end of the year after successful initiatives, Daraz Care’s focus was on our own personal heroes, the Daraz’s Dex Delivery Heroes. So, Daraz Care hosted a fun filled carnival in gratitude for the Dex Delivery Heroes and their families. Daraz also educated the Dex heroes about the hazards of smog and in partnership with Augment Care, handed out kits to our Dex Heros in Lahore to stay safe from the smog.

With these little step Daraz Cares played its role in making lives better, working towards sustainability and spreading happiness all around.

Stay tuned for our activities for the year 2020!

Usman Ghani

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