Here’s How You Can Donate Your Zakat Online With Ease Through Daraz!

Here’s How You Can Donate Your Zakat Online With Ease Through Daraz!

The holy month of Ramadan in Pakistan and also around the globe is a month that brings everyone closer to piety and religion!

As Ramadan this 2020 paves its way into the year, the blessings it brings remains undeniable despite the current uncertain situations.

Apart from the festivities of fasting and praying, the most important element of Ramadan is us caring for the less privileged people of our society and generously partaking in charity to make their lives easier with Zakat.

Daraz understands that in these difficult times, the measures to give Zakat can be tough considering the lockdown, which is why with our Daraz Care initiative, Zakat ab hui Asaan!

Let’s donate together and support the needy in these times when they need it the most!

Why Choose Asaan Hui Zakat by Daraz?

Daraz provides a secure and easy platform that enables you to donate your Zakat or donations to the trusted Non-Profitable Organizations listed on Daraz with hassle-free and easy payment methods. The donations are 100% safely transferred directly to the NGO accounts and that too with no deductions.

With Daraz, you can help the poor and needy by donating, your Zakat in the following forms:

  • Give Zakat Online directly to your preferred NGOs
  • Sponsor Ration to a needy family through the listed NGOs
  • Give Zakat ul Fitr to mentioned NGOs
  • Sponsor Iftaar or Sehri Meals

You can be confident about giving your Zakat with Daraz as it offers:

Donate an Emergency Ration Bundle for Daily Wage Earners through Daraz!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a crisis all around the globe which has proved to be an obstacle for many businesses, however, in Pakistan, the daily wage earners are suffering the most!

To make things easier for them, Daraz introduced its Ramadan Blessing Emergency Relief Ration Packages in which there are ration bundles available for online donation set up by trusted NGOs helping the affected families. The NGO’s then take responsibility for the disbursement of the ration on your behalf. Through them, you can donate and support 3 to 10 families online!

How to Donate through Daraz?

The process of donating your Zakat through Daraz is easy and super convenient. You can give your Zakat for this Ramadan online just by following these easy steps below:

  1. Head over to and select “Asaan Hui Zakat” from the Banner
  2. Select your Donation package from the list mentioned below
  3. Place Your Order
  4. Select Your Digital Payment Method
  5. Receive Your Confirmation Mail of the Donation Received.

So, this Ramadan be the reason behind a family’s smile and give your Zakat with ease with Daraz!

Download the Daraz App now and avail discounts, deals and more!

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