Here’s Why You Should Read Peer e Kamil Novel by Umera Ahmed

Here’s Why You Should Read Peer e Kamil Novel by Umera Ahmed

Peer e Kamil is an absolutely brilliant novel written by the Pakistani author, Umera Ahmed. Pir-e-Kamil meaning mentor in urdu, or more accurately “the Perfect Mentor”, is most certainly one of the best urdu novels by Umera Ahmad.

The novel was first published in Urdu in 2004 and was later published in English translation in the year 2011. Ever since it was published, the Peer e Kamil novel has hit the highest levels of popularity.

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What is the Peer e Kamil Novel About?

The Pir-e-Kamil story line revolves around a runaway girl, Imama Hashim, and a boy named Salar Sikander. The story visits several suspense and turning points of the two main character’s story and how each of their lives change in a span of around ten years.

This novel is followed by a sequel, Aab-e-Hayat – another one in the long Umera Ahmed novel list.

The Plot Summary of Peer e Kamil

Imama Hashim is the protagonist of this beautiful story. She comes from an Ahmadiyya Muslim family that is settled in Islamabad. Due to various events and influences in her early life, she decides to revert to Sunni Islam. She secretly attends lectures of her senior shabiha, hiding from her family and her room mates.

During her time in medical school, she fell in love with her friend’s elder brother, Doctor Jalal Ansar. However, her parents try to force her into marrying her cousin Asjad. This was unacceptable to her, so Imama’s parent’s react by grounding her and confiscating her mobile phone.

Imama’s then reaches out to Salar for help, a boy she doesn’t like at all because she’s a religious person while he’s the complete opposite. Salar is a rich boy with an above 150 IQ.

Imama wants to marry Jalal but Salar lies to her that Jalal has married elsewhere, so she asks Salar to marry her so her parents can’t force her to stay. He helps her out by performing a nikkah, and soon loses contact with her later on.

Imama finds a place to stay with Sibt-e-Ali and his family. She changes her name and also completes her studies, later working at a pharmaceutical company in Lahore.

Salar had promised to divorce Imama after helping her out, but he refuses to follow up on it. This gives her all the more reason to hate him.

Salar moves to New Haven to finish his studies, and then worked with United Nations for a while before he settled in Lahore. In time, Salar sees the error of his ways.

How the stories of two characters meet is a beauty that you should read yourself!

Peer E Kamil (SAW) Novel By Umera Ahmed
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The Best Urdu Poetry from Peer e Kamil

This ghazal from Pir-e-Kamil is the best read you’ll come across:

Meri zindagi tou firaaq hai, woh azal se dil mein makeen sahih,
Woh nigah-e-shoq se dur hain, rag-e-jaan se lakh qareen sahih,

Humein jaan deni hai ek din, woh kisi tarah, woh kahin sahih,
Humein aap khenchiye daar per, jo nahin koi, tou hum hi sahih,

Sar-e-toor ho, sar-e-hashr ho, humein intezaar qubool hai,
Woh kabhi mile, woh kahin mile, woh kabhi sahih, woh kahin sahih,

Na ho un pe kuch mera bas nahin, k yeh aashique hai, hawas nahin,
Main un hi ka tha, mein un hi ka hun, woh mere nahin, tou nahin sahih,

Mujhe bethne ki jagah mile, meri aarzu ka bharam rhe,
Teri anjuman mein agar nahin, teri anjuman k qareen sahih,

Tera dar to hum ko na mil ska, teri rahguzaar ki zameen sahih,
Humein sajdaa krne se kaam hai, jo wahan nahin, tou yahin sahih,

Meri zindagi ka naseeb hai, nahin dur mujhse qareeb hai,
Mujhe uss ka gham tou naseeb hai, woh agar nahin, tou nahin sahih,

Jo ho faisla woh sunaiyye, ussay hashr per na uthaiyye,
Jo karenge aap sitam wahan, woh abhi sahih, woh yahin sahih,

Unhe dekhne ki jo lou lagi, tou qateel dekh hi lenge hum,
Woh hazaar aankh se dur hon, woh hazaar parda-nasheen sahih….

This beautiful peer e kamil poetry is one of the reasons why this is one of the best Umera Ahmed novels. This story from Umera Ahmed novel list became such a hit that Peer e Kamil drama was also made.

Buy yourself a copy of the novel or download a Peer e Kamil pdf version for online reading – trust us you won’t regret it!

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