Hide the Ugly Spots In Your House

Hide the Ugly Spots In Your House

Remember that ugly stain in your house that happened because your cat spilled a mug of coffee? And well, its been there ever since. Now we know you try to forget, but the stain has mysterious ways of reminding you that, “Hey, I’m still here!”

And we’re sure that like this one stain that we mentioned, there must be several other ugly spots in your house that you’re not exactly proud of. Well, that’s okay! We’re here to help!

We’ve figured out a list of ways that can help you conceal all these sore spots in a way that nobody else will be able to find out!

Is your main door starting to look old and dingy? Fix a new door knob or handle and voila! You’ve a brand new looking door!

Macrame Wall Hanging Hand-woven Cotton Hanging Tapestry Bohemian Northern European Style Wall Decoration for Bedroom Living Room

If that interior fuse box right in the middle of your lounge really embarrasses you, then get a trendy Macrame and hang it over the fuse box. It can also be easily moved when you need to access the fuse box.

Pack Of 5 - Stripe Pillowcase Cushion Case Home Decoration Cotton Linen Cushion Cover multicolour

If you haven’t changed your sofas in a long time, there’s a good chance it doesn’t look all that great anymore. Just get yourself some new pillow cases for your throw cushions to give your sofas a whole new look!

PVC Peel Stick Brushed Metallic Stainless Steel Contact Paper Peel Sticker

Have old-school circa kitchen appliances that you’ve had for years? We bet your appliances are not in mint condition anymore. Cover your appliances with stainless steel contact paper to give new life to your appliances!

Unicorn Cat Flamingo Cover Cartoon Room Light Switch Outlet Wall Sticker Decor

If you haven’t gone into much detail when it comes to interior decor, then everything probably looks quite dull. You can make your boring walls interesting by embellishing your power sockets with wall stickers!

30CM Wall Mount TV Cord Cover Tool Cable Management Concealer Raceway Kit

Everyone knows the mess that our TV’s cable wires are all too well. But with a cable raceway, this mess can be tamed very easily!

The bed skirt of the pure color bed skirt hotel bed skirt not bring the bed surface [white 150*200+38cm]

All that junk you shove under your bed gives the room a really untidy look. But you can hide all that mess with a bed skirt! Nobody will ever know what’s under and your space will also look a whole lot neater.

Thick & Absorbent High Quality Hand Made Rugs - Durrie

You might have some stains and spots on your floor that you can easily hide with appropriate sized rugs.

Goglor Artificial Garland Ivy Vine Leave Plant Scindapsus Fake Faux Foliage Home Christmas Party Hanging Decor Green

Hide an ugly railing or wire fence with faux ivy! The extra touch of green also adds a refreshing feeling to the space.

Marble Pattern Water-resistant Moistureproof Removable Self Adhesive Wallpaper Peel & Stick PVC Wall Stickers for Living Room Bathroom Kitchen Countertop Length=0.5m Width=0.6m

If your kitchen walls have become dirty with all the smoke build-up, then this self-adhesive, removable, moisture-proof wallpaper can totally revive your kitchen walls!

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