Hijabs That Will Go With Every Outfit!

Hijabs That Will Go With Every Outfit!

For Hijabis, scarves are usually a staple and it can be quite challenging to find a good hijab that goes with your outfit and also has a breathable material.

There is nothing like too many scarves for a hijabi because it isn’t a uniform but actually a style statement as it’s worn everyday.

Here are five different hijab categories that need to be owned by every hijabi and that’ll easily go with all your outfits!

Black is Your Best Friend

A black scarf is a mainstay in every hijabi’s wardrobe. You can never be overstocked with black hijabs. Blacks are usually very easy to match with almost every outfit. Whether you’re formally dressed or headed out for something casual, you can never go wrong with a black hijab. With a black hijab, you can also tone down some heavy or bright colored outfit.

Neutrals to Go With Every Outfit

Colors like beige, light brown, off-white, nude and grey can be very neutral and help you match with light colored outfits. Not every outfit needs a matching hijab so something contrasting in lighter or darker neutral tones can be a good addition to your wardrobe.

Fancy for Occasions

For all your formal events, parties, weddings where your outfits are fancy and blingy, you need to have hijabs that match and are also somehow a little formal. So, material like chiffon and silk with a little shimmer and embroidery can be great as a formal hijab.

Printed Ones for Solid Outfits

Solid (plain) kurtas as well as solid two-pieces are quite in these days. With these, printed hijabs go quite well. Prints also team up really well with western plain shirts and a pair of jeans. With dull outfits, you can even add a pop of color with some funky, colorful, printed hijabs.

Apart from these, what other staple scarves do you usually swear by?

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