‘Home all day’ and proud of it

‘Home all day’ and proud of it

When we think home, we think of a place to return to at the end of a long day. Rest. Throw up our feet and feel at ease. To commemorate Daraz’s Big Home Makeover sale, we thought we’d celebrate an average day at home.


 Tell ’em you’ll call back. You’re busy 😉

Friday Spise I Senga GIF by NRK P3


Home is where you binge-watch your fave shows. Would you look at this lazy boy?

Working From Home Chilling GIF
When your stay-at-home game is strong


Home is where you snack like your life depends on it

Chilling GIF
Khana lug giya hain


Home is your very own private retreat- an escape

Bored Saturday Night GIF by Beeld en Geluid Labs
Do Not Disturb

Home is where something as simple as sitting on your behind feels oddly…empowering. Maybe because you’re not being paid to stay seated. And you’re doing it on your time. Your terms. 😀

Sitting Harry Potter GIF
When your picture is so cool it doesn’t need a caption 😉

Home is where you rest like the best

Sleep Sleeping GIF
Dreams in progress

Where you sing in the shower and dance like no one‘s watching

What’s your shower song?


Home = microwavable comfort

Hungry Eddie Murphy GIF
Yep. That’s about right.


Daraz does too Daniel. Daraz does too. 😀

People GIF







Is it a fridge or is it a fort?

Jimmy O Yang GIF by Silicon Valley


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