How Daraz Can Help with Your Qurbani this Eid-ul-Azha

How Daraz Can Help with Your Qurbani this Eid-ul-Azha

The sacred occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, also casually known as Bakra Eid or Bari Eid, is celebrated on the 10th of Zilhaj according to the Islamic Calendar. This Eid is purely a season of sacrifice where Muslims worry about Qurbani animals more than new clothes and darzi crisis. Priorities include buying animals, taking care of them and scheduling a butcher to have them sacrificed.

Majority of the people visit mandis, choose their animals and bring them home. But, this can be a very daunting task when you have to take care of the animal and feed it all by yourself along with a busy schedule. However, over the past few years, online buying has become such a trend that it has been making everything simpler, more convenient for us by providing solutions and services. Ever imagined fulfilling your sacrifices online? Well, this year, Daraz is here with an Online Mandi. Here’s how Daraz will help you with Eid-ul-Azha 2019.

Daraz Mandi

Daraz Mandi helps you purchase your qurbani animals online and the whole idea is to help people celebrate Eid hassle-free. You can browse for them as per your budget, bargain too just like you do in a mandi, get discounts through Daraz vouchers and get them delivered right at your doorstep. Other than that, Daraz Mandi is located at Sohrab Goth Gaye Mandi VVIP plot 2, Gate 1. You can visit the mandi yourself and see the animals before purchasing them or even just roam about and make the most of the animal season. Payment can be done in cash as well as through Daraz and the animal will be delivered right to you free of cost. A few famous cows and goats available at Daraz Mandi include Holstein cows, Dhani White Cow, Frezain cow, Bull Aando, Bull Khassi, Bull Ravi, Sahiwal cow, Khassi goat etc.

Share Your Qurbani

Once the Qurbani process is carried out on Islamic principles, it is also important to donate and distribute some of it to the needy so that they also get a chance to eat heartily. With that said, Daraz also gives you an option of qurbani donation where your hissa/donation goes straight to NGOs who make sure it reaches all the underprivileged, needy people. For this, Daraz has collaborated with Meat One and a number different NGOs like Edhi, Shifa Foundation Saylani Welfare etc. You can choose a package that suits your pockets from any of these institutions. Once you get done with the payment procedure, your meat will be sent to those in need helping you make your Eid-ul-Adha easier!

Doesn’t that sound like a hassle-free Eid? Sign up for it and make your contributions count with Daraz!

Bilal Uddin

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