How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Lounge

How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Lounge

Coffee tables are one of these essential pieces of furniture that people sometimes don’t really put a lot of thought into. But coffee tables are more than just a place to put your mugs of chai and newspapers – if utilized correctly they can be a focal point of decor in your boring lounge while adding some storage space.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when you begin your hunt for a coffee table:

  • What color do you want? Do you want dark wood, light wood, glass, brass, or chip board?
  • Are you looking for a modern finish or a more traditional look?
  • Do you need extra storage and hidden cupboards or are you ok with a simple single layered table?
  • What about shape? Do you want to go for a square table, a round one, or something a little more experimental?

Once you’ve got a basic idea in your head, you can proceed to survey different types of tables. Lucky for you, we’ve got a complete guide below!

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Round Tables

Tables with Storage

Light Wood Tables

Minimalist Tables

Multi-Tiered Tables

Uniquely Shaped Tables

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