How to Avoid Daraz Delivery Fraud

How to Avoid Daraz Delivery Fraud

Daraz fraud is a thing that people often complain about. We, at Daraz, are always trying to help our audience understand that there are simple ways to tackle these frauds. After all, we value our customers and want to protect you from any Daraz delivery frauds.

Types of Daraz Delivery Frauds

1. Orders without the Daraz Flyer

Every order delivered by Daraz has a Daraz flyer – ALWAYS. If you’ve received a product that doesn’t have the Daraz flyer, then that’s a red flag.

Simply put, orders without the Daraz flyer are not Daraz-processed orders. So, a seller is probably making a personal sale using Daraz’s name. Many a times, customers accept these orders thinking it’s indeed from Daraz and then file for a return/refund if there’s a problem.

Unfortunately, we can’t process these requests for orders that aren’t really from Daraz.

Key Takeaway: Always check for Daraz flyer.

2. Orders with Incorrect Delivery Details

It’s possible that a parcel was incorrectly delivered to you. And too often, customers end up paying for an order that wasn’t even theirs. This usually happens because of confusion as the customer may have an incoming order and when the wrong parcel is delivered, they receive it thinking it’s their order.You can simply avoid this by making a practice of checking the details on the flyer before paying up (for example, name, contact, address and order number)

Key Takeaway: Always check order details on Daraz flyer

3. Daraz Orders that Take More Money than the Original Payment Amount

Imagine you’ve placed a cash-on-delivery order which costs Rs. 500. When the order arrives, you’re asked for Rs. 650. Many people end up paying extra because someone else received it on their behalf (or any other reason) and later realize they paid more than the original amount.

We, at Daraz, highly encourage you to check your original payment amount before paying up. If you’re receiving it on someone’s behalf, then confirm the amount with them. This way you can always avoid paying extra for your COD order.

Key Takeaway: Check total amount and don’t pay extra for COD orders.

Watch Ali Gul Pir explain to Chaacha how fraud can be avoided in this hilarious video below!

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  • what if i receive the wrong product? the product without warranty! we are not allowed to open it before paying and can’t give it back after opening. in that case we are just screwed!!!

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