How to Get Bigger Shoulders in Just 20 Minutes!

How to Get Bigger Shoulders in Just 20 Minutes!

Shoulders are the part of the body that you just can’t hide, be it in a T-shirt, hoodie, or a sweater. And why would you want to hide it anyway? They’ve been a symbol of masculinity and virility for men, ever since the Dark Ages.  As painfully rewarding shoulder workouts prove to become, people in Pakistan mostly confine themselves to a couple of workouts for building bigger shoulders and don’t get that range of muscle motion. So, how to get bigger shoulders? Here are some workouts that will yoke those sleeves up in just 20 minutes giving you the definition your shoulders need.

Let’s Learn How to Build & Widen Your Shoulder Muscles

Rowing Exercise

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Rowing exercise is beneficial for shaping your entire shoulder capsule, as the rotator cuff muscle starts off from the shoulder blades.  You can include light rowing between workouts. A 20-minute arm workout with dumbbells is perfect if you use a light pair of gym dumbbells to avoid hurting yourself. The flexing caused by rowing stances will help widen the shoulders. Rowing exercise machines price in Pakistan is quite affordable and you can buy a rowing machine online.

Switch to Cable

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Here’s where some math comes in. Choosing cable work out over regular dumbbells gives you the advantage to adjust the height and placement, changing the angle of force and generating enough tension for a long-lasting workout. Try using Cables Raises over gym dumbbells in Lateral Raises, it’ll give you a safe and secure shoulder work out.

Sticking to Strict Press

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If there’s one thing that’ll give your shoulders and traps the gain they need, is practicing your strict press. Strict Press is a great way to strengthen your upper body, helping you grow bigger over time. Try adding strict presses a part of your daily routine. A few reps every day will do your body good.  You can use machine presses or go raw with gym weight plates and weight barbells, which you can easily buy online in Pakistan

Remember Rear Deltoids

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A lot of Pakistani men don’t give emphasis to their rear deltoids, which in turn causes muscle imbalances and long-term strain or injuries. Hear me out, rear-deltoid work out is important. Start off with the very basic: The Bent Over Reverse Fly. But with your palm faced forward for better muscle traction.

Shrug off and Pull

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Stop looking at yourself and shrugging with heavy weights. Instead, try High Pulls. It will help grind up those traps and give the regional muscles a wider range of motion. You can generate more strength using High Pulls versus Shrugging and get a better work out.  Start off with 3 to 4 reps, and then turn up the heat when you’re comfortable.

Involve these workouts as alternates in your current regiment, and see the result for yourself. You can involve most of these exercises in your daily routine, even at home or at work. You can also go through a wide range to top quality gym equipment and accessories at!

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