Make Any Small Space Look BIG with These Sneaky Tips

Make Any Small Space Look BIG with These Sneaky Tips

Not all of us live in big, fancy, spacious mansions. That being said, space is often a concern that many of us are always trying to deal with.

How many times have you liked something in the home-decor-store that you couldn’t find space for in your house? Well, it’s alright. We’ve all been there.

However, there are ways to make your little place look spacious. All you need are some amazing ideas and some great products to make those ideas work!


Allow us to elaborate:

Go for Light and Bright Color Themes

The thing with dark shades is that they’re extremely overpowering. They make the space look dark, perhaps a little gloomy, and definitely much smaller.

That’s where light and bright shades can save you. They give the space a happy and light-hearted feel. In addition, they create an illusion of a more spacious place- regardless of how big or small it really is!

Don’t Overdo the Interior Decor

Small Spaces already don’t have much room in them. It would be wise to allow for some breathing space in the place, or it’s going to feel too cluttered and overcrowded. Hence, feeling like a much smaller space.

What you really want to do is decorate to your heart’s content but leave out some breathing space every now and then. Open spaces are great for small rooms and house- they create the impression of a bigger place even though your space might actually be quiet small.

Allow More Sun Into Your House

Sunlight is your best friend, especially if your house is small. The more sunlight you allow inside your house, the more virtual space it’s going to create.

Just a little bit of sun and you’ll be surprised by how much it can affect the spaciousness of your place!

Add Indoor Plants

A little greenery is such a pleasing sight, be it indoors or outdoors. It brightens up any place, making it look a lot more welcoming, less daunting and much bigger.

All you gotta do is get some of those pretty money plants and place them in your small rooms. Believe us you, this tiny, green, addition in your space will make all the difference!

Go for Small, Hanging, Fixtures

The idea is that anything that draws your eyes upwards creates the illusion of a more spacious place.

That’s why, we recommend hanging small or medium-sized fixtures. If you choose bigger-sized ones, it’ll beat the purpose altogether! Key is the perfect size that gets people to look up.

Hidden Storage Can Save Your Life

When there’s already quite the shortage of space, it’s important to keep the place as clutter-free as possible. But what do you do when you don’t have space for shelves and closets even?

Simple! Hidden Storage is the secret solution to your problem!

Get yourself those coffee tables, chairs and sofas with hidden storage to save space and keep your place clutter-free.

Striped Patterns Will Help

If you want to go for patterns and designs, we suggest you go for stripes. Striped rugs and carpets, for example, create an elongated look that makes the place look seemingly bigger.

Multiple Rugs Over a Single Large One

You can use a set of multiple rugs to create separate spaces in a room that’s otherwise small and compact.

The space looks very congested and crowded if you use only one, big, rug. But with many smaller ones, you can give more dimension to the room; thus making it look more spacious.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall!

Because this whole article is about creating the illusion of a bigger room, here’s another pro tip for you – Use mirrors strategically.

Mirrors reflect the image, including the reflection of the room. This also creates the illusion of a more spacious space.

Go for Bright Light Effect

Lighting has a huge effect on the overarching aura and ambiance of the room. If your room is already short on space, then going for dull and dim lighting is only going to make the place look even smaller.

Like we said before, welcome more natural light into the space. But, if you want to use artificial lighting, then we suggest you use a combination of bright lights. This creates a more happy and spacious ambiance than dull lighting ever can.

With these tips to guide you, you can make any space look big. Just try to follow as many of these tips as possible, and you’ll soon have so much space you never knew you had!

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