How To Place Order On Daraz

How To Place Order On Daraz

Want to learn how to place order on Well this post will tell you how to do online shopping on in 2020.

Daraz has been the go-to online platform for your online orders since a long time now. People come on the Daraz app (or website) in search of products they need and in search of convenience. Safe to say, Daraz has done a pretty good job in providing that convenience in comfort.

But if you’re new on Daraz, or are still in process of figuring out your Daraz-journey, then you should find this article useful. For someone who doesn’t quite know how to place an order on Daraz, we’re here to help! We can help you get a hang of it – and believe us you, placing an order on Daraz is like a walk in the park!

How to place order on

  1. To place order on Daraz, Download Daraz app from Playstore or App Store.
  2. Once installed, open and sign up with Daraz so that you have a registered account on Daraz.
  3. Now browse through the categories or search for your desired item, you can also use the search bar.
  4. When you’ve found your item, tap and go through the product information.
  5. Make sure you check its delivery time, product rating & reviews.
  6. You can tap Store to check seller reviews, Chat to talk to the seller directly.
  7. If you’re satisfied with the product, click Add to Cart if you are buying multiple products, if you want to place an order directly tap Buy Now .
  8. In Buy Now, Indicate your preferred quantity or variation if available once confirmed than you will be directed to the Shopping Cart.
  9. Select the products you want and tap Check Out in Shopping Cart.
  10. On the Check Out page make sure you select your preferred delivery address, delivery method than tap Proceed To Pay.
  11. Select your desired payment method i.e. Daraz Wallet, COD, Jazz Cash, Debit/Credit card etc.
  12. Tap “Place Order”.

How About This Quick Video Tutorial?

Here are 5 simple steps to place your order on Daraz App successfully:

Step #01

Once you’ve found the product you’re looking for, find the Buy Now button and click on it. And if you’re making multiple purchases, then tap on Add to cart.

Step #02

If you added the item to the cart, then go to your shopping cart. Select the items you want to buy, and then tap on Check Out.

Step #03

Now you’ll see your checkout tab displayed on your screen. You can review all the product details and enter a voucher code if you wish to avail one. Here you can edit the delivery address and delivery method as well. Make sure you also check the product quantity, and then click on proceed to pay.

Step #04

You’ll then get a number of options to pay that you can choose from. Select your desired method of payment to proceed further.

Step #05

Assuming you selected the credit/debit card option, you then have to fill in the required details. Once done, all there’s left to do is to click the place order button, and tada! You’re done!

Daraz App is all about making your user experience all-the-more friendly. And with these steps, we’re sure you’ll no longer struggle with placing your order! So get ready for your next purchase! Daraz is ever-ready with its amazing deals, wide variety of products and convenient shopping experience!

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