The Secret to Getting Products Before They’re Sold Out on Daraz this 12.12!

The Secret to Getting Products Before They’re Sold Out on Daraz this 12.12!

Have you seen the amazing flash deal prices offered by Daraz during sales but somehow never managed to get what you wanted because it would always be out of stock?

Not anymore!

This 12.12, Daraz is revealing all of it’s amazing deals before the sale begins so you can add products to your cart beforehand and as soon as the sale is live, be the first to buy!

Sounds amazing, right? Here’s how to make sure you don’t miss out on any deals at Daraz Sale 2020:

Step One: Log in to your Daraz Account. If you don’t have one yet, here’s how you can make one.

Step Two: Check out all the deals Daraz is offering this 12.12 by clicking here.

Step Three: If you find a deal you like, click the add to cart button underneath your product of choice. You can do this for multiple products at a time.

Step Four: Once the sale is live, go to My Cart and click Check Out. Fill in all your relevant details. Once you’ve added delivery address and possible voucher codes, click the Proceed to Pay button.

Step Five: Select your payment method and click Pay Now. Your order will now be on its way!

If you’re not familiar with shopping on Daraz or have any questions, check out our FAQ center by clicking here or check out some blogs below that might be of interest!

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