How to Shop for Fashion on Daraz

How to Shop for Fashion on Daraz

Purchasing fashion products online can be tricky – you might relate to this if you’ve had some experience of getting the wrong size or color (or something else!).

Well, at Daraz Life we want to make your online shopping journey with us a simple affair. So follow these simple guidelines to never go wrong with your online shopping experience.

Go for DarazMall Products for Authenticity

If you want to be sure that the fashion product you order is 100% authentic and genuine, we highly recommend that you try purchasing from DarazMall. Products under this label are verified and there’s no room for any mishap. And should there be a problem, we assure you the return/exchange policy will cater to your problem. All you have to do is follow these steps on how to return daraz product.

Remember to See the Size Chart

Whenever making an online purchase of clothes from Daraz, make sure you check your size according to the size chart given below in the product description or in the images.

And for items like shoes, socks or jewelry (like hoop earrings), the product should have the size specified either in the beginning, or under product description.

But if you still have some confusion even after reviewing the size chart, then you can always click the chat option to ask your queries directly from the seller.

Check out our article on how to buy clothes online to make your next online dress purchase with total confidence!

Go Through Ratings and Reviews

Whenever choosing your products, always make a note to check the Ratings & Reviews.

Under this tab, you can not only find customer rating and comments, but also image reviews by customers who attach pictures of the product they received.

This way, it improves the chances of you putting your money on products that are actually worthwhile.

Check for Positive Seller Rating

Another thing to look out for is the seller rating. You want to order from a seller that’s positively rated. The rating reflects the seller’s reliability in delivering a satisfactory service.

Read Delivery Options

If you want your order to be delivered soon, and would prefer one payment option over anther (for example, COD over card payment), then always make sure you check the Delivery Options details available.

From here, you can also find out how long your order will take to deliver. If you’re in a rush, then avoid ordering from Global Collection.

Review the Return & Warranty Policy

To make sure that in case there’s a problem with your order, always check the return & warranty policy before confirming your order. This way you’ll know how to return/exchange products beforehand, and can take action accordingly.

With 25th of December incoming, you might be planning to order some Christmas gifts. So, make sure you keep these guidelines in mind when buying any fashion staples from Daraz, and your order should arrive wit no problems!

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