Hyundai Develops New Noise  Reduction System for Cars

Hyundai Develops New Noise Reduction System for Cars

For the first time in history, Hyundai Motors has announced the development of the world’s first Road Active Noise Control System that claims to reduce noise within the cabin of a vehicle.

This all new RANC technology builds on the Hyundai Group’s current active noise control technology which works on actively reducing noise. BY emitting sound waves inverted to incoming noise, ANC tries achieving the dramatic, nearly silent cabin environment. This technology is software driven and analyses the in-cabin sound in order to reduce engine and road noise and will be applied to an upcoming Genesis model.

The previous methods blocked noise through insulation which included dynamic dampers but failed to block the buzzing sound completely. ANC, on the contrary, utilizes much lighter parts like microphones and controllers that would control or reduce the noise and infrasound in a better manner.

The new system analyzes various types of noises and producees inverted sound waves and reduces it by 3dB. The microphone it has monitors the road noise cancellation status and also sends information to combat road noise. This technology has the ability to conduct accurate noise analysis and rapid computation to cancel out the road noise not only for the driver’s seat but also the passenger and the rear seats separately.

This took around 6 years of research and development for the production of this remarkable technology, RANC which takes NHV technology to another level.

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