If Harry Potter Was Pakistani

If Harry Potter Was Pakistani

Wearing Dudley Bhai’s Clothes Wouldn’t Be A Problem Because That’s Just How Pakistanis Do

Professor Umbridge Would Be Your Parent’s Favorite Teacher Because Zaroor Tum Hi Ne Kuch Kiya Hoga

You would have spent half of the Yule ball saying salaam to all the bare in case they get offended

You would never get ijazat to stay over at Ron’s house

Parents would always be comparing you to Hermione because uss ke toh itne ache marks aate hain

And if you turned out to be a squib….

Alas, this is all wishful thinking and since we can’t take you to Hogwarts, we can sure as hell try to bring it to you.

Show you’re part of Dumbledore’s Army with some swag or just create your own Hogwarts in your own living room. Just keep the magic alive.


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