Chhote Bachon Ki Urdu Kahaniyan

Chhote Bachon Ki Urdu Kahaniyan

Searching for children stories in urdu? Let us help you find best kids stories, moral stories, fairy tales stories and stories cartoon kids in urdu.

For many of us novels in urdu have defined our childhood and made it better. Be it a quick Urdu story told by your parents at bedtime or a tale told by your grandma, these have allowed kids to enter a land of magic and imagination!

Chhote Bachon Ki Urdu Kahaniyan:

  • Teen Thag (Urdu Moral Story)
  • Aladdin Ka Chirag (Urdu Kahani)
  • Alibaba Chalis Chor (Urdu Kahani)
  • Memna Aur Bhediya (Urdu Kahani)
  • Panaku Par Kiya Guzri (Urdu Kahani)
  • Soya Hua Mahal Kahani (Urdu Kahani)
  • Nasihat Amoz Kahaniyan (Moral Story)
  • Husan Bano Aur Darinda (Urdu Kahani)
  • Shehzadi Aur Darakht Ka Jinn (Urdu Kahani)

Many parents want their children to develop a reading habit as it is that reading enhances the imagination and creativity among children and also enables us to develop better cognitive skills, especially if they are moral stories for kids as it allows for kids to differentiate between bad and good which allows them to grow into better humans.

It is essential to help and encourage your little ones to read Urdu stories as well as English stories themselves in order to improve their lingual skills and vocabulary. Many Urdu story for kids have been adapted from English to Urdu such as the Red Riding Hood, Snow Queen, Ugly Duckling, various princess stories and so many more that we all remember from our childhood.

There are nursery rhymes and stories for kids in Urdu that have been noted as some of the best literary pieces around the globe and has made many people pursue their careers in arts inspired by these stories for kids.

Reading stories with children has benefits for grown-ups too. The special time you spend reading together promotes bonding and helps to build your relationship. With these stories in Urdu allow you to connect with your child on a better level as it is our mother tongue, it is a great practice to allow for your children’s’ early literacy skills in a fun way.

So, take time off from the reliance on the digital world of smartphones and TVs, and introduce your children to some of the classic Urdu story for kids with colorful book covers and funny Urdu stories for Kids that catch their attention and paves a way to make them fall in love with reading and Urdu literature. It is even better that you introduce Urdu stories with morals and lessons in them so you know your parenting is on the right track!

Stories for Kids in Urdu

If you’re wondering which stories for kids in Urdu you should start from, then here is a list of best Urdu stories and best Urdu books for kids you should start from!

Classic Children’s Stories

Here you find a list of local prints and version of Urdu classical stories for kids that are evergreen and tales that we all can ever forget!

Urdu Stories (Ali Baba Aur Chalis Chor)
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Moral Stories

Moral stories are a great way to discipline and teach your child between what is right and wrong. Some of these Urdu moral stories are instilled in our memories till date

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Moral Stories For Kids - Urdu - Large Size
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Urdu Stories (TEIN THAG)
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Real Life Religious Stories

If you’re looking to motivate your child then these real life stories about the lives and journeys of Muslim prophets is a great way to inspire your little ones

Hazrat Nuh (A.S) ki kashti (Urdu Story)
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True Stories Of The Holy Companions - Urdu - Large Size
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True Stories From The Life Of Holy Prophet - Urdu - Large Size
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Classical Princess’ Stories

If you’re a girl, then these classic Disney princess stories have many times allowed us to enter a magical and wonderful world through our imagination. These Urdu story for kids should be read by every kid!

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Urdu Stories (SOYA HUA MEHAL)
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Short Urdu Stories Collections

You can even get your children Urdu story collections to make keep them engaged in reading and have fun while doing it without being bored.

"Lajawabb Kahaniyan" (10 in 1) Stories Collection Book - Urdu Fairy Tale for Kids
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"Hikmat Amoz Kahaniyan" (6 in 1) Stories Collection Book - Urdu Fairy Tales for Kids
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These are some of the stories and fables in Urdu for kids, click here to explore a large variety and Urdu stories for kids online by clicking here and make your kid’s imagination more colorful and improve their reading skills as well!

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