Irfan Junejo Ends Any Association with Ducky Bhai

Irfan Junejo Ends Any Association with Ducky Bhai

Popular Pakistani vlogger, Irfan Junejo, revealed in a recent tweat that he is cutting any association with another Youtuber – Ducky Bhai (real name: Saad ur Rehman).

In his tweet, Junejo said, “I don’t have anything personal against Ducky. He’s always been extremely courteous but I cannot condone encouraging violence against women, promoting transphobia and homophobia among other problematic things, even though we have been friends in the past.”

Another tweet by Irfan Junejo said, “I hereby would like to dissociate myself from him. I wish him the best for his career and hope he realises the implications his tweets and actions can have.”

In response, Ducky had tweeted that he’d be making a video on his experience with Irfan, but later deleted the tweet and tweeted again, “Not making a video on him. It’s just gonna give him unnecessary attention. Tiktokers making diss track coming soon.” He addressed the people who had missed his now deleted tweet saying, “For those who haven’t read my previous deleted tweet I was about to share my experience with a burger.”

The tension started between the two after Ducky Bhai had an exchange with a twitter user in which he called out the user in offensive way. After this, there was social media outburst which led to the user getting personal attacks by people even though he had deleted the original post and had apologized too.

Later, Ducky also deleted his initial post and reasserted that he is not responsible for the person getting bullied. “I want to make one thing clear. I’ve been on YouTube since three years and never convinced any of my audience to say anything to anyone.”

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