Is Wireless Charging Safe?

Is Wireless Charging Safe?

Wireless charging has been around for quite a while now and attracts people too.But, is Wireless Charging really safe? The answer is yes. It is safe and definitely more convenient to use but there are a few things you need to know before you completely switch to wireless charging or invest in a wireless charger.

Samsung was quite quick to adopt wireless charging and introduced Samsung Wireless charger for galaxy phone but with the trend going strong, Apple too introduced wireless charging last year and adopted the Qi standard charging method.

First and foremost, the electromagnetic field created by the wireless charger is very little and insignificant and it’s not more than a home or office network. Also, you can charge your mobile phones on your night stand or office desk very safely.

How Does a Phone Battery Work?

Mobile Phones usually sport lithium-ion batteries and the cell that it has two electrodes – anode and cathode. It has an electrolyte in between which allows the ions to move between the electrodes. So, when you charge your phone, they go from positive to negative and vice versa.

Benefits of Wireless Charging

As such, there’s no evidence that wireless charging degrades your smartphone but all we know is that there are a few benefits. Wear and tear that happens on the charging port which leads to faults and repairs is reduced. This way, you can effortlessly charge the phone without ruining anything as such.

Does Wireless Charging Drain the Battery?

One criticism that wireless charging usually gets is the the degradation of the battery. After some time, every battery tends to drain and it isn’t true that with cable charging, the phone gets a rest while on wireless charging, it doesn’t. The phone battery does not drain with wireless chargers. Just don’t kepe it on charge for a very long time. For instance, you put your phone on charge before going to sleep. This way, the battery will overcharge and start draining with time.

So, will you still tangle yourself with cables or invest in a good wireless charger?

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