Itikaf in Pakistan Banned for Ramadan 2021

Are you looking for latest news about itikaf in Pakistan during Ramadan 2021? Here’s everything you should know about itikaf in Pakistan for Ramadan 2021.

Itikaf in Pakistan for Ramadan 2021 has been banned by the Punjab government. The itikaf ban was imposed on Saturday, one day before the sunset of the 20th Roza when Muslims all around Punjab would be going into self-isolation for itikaf Ramadan 2021.

The itikaf 2021 ban in Pakistan has been imposed by the Auqaf Department and the notification was announced late at night. The ban on itikaf in Punjab was done to curtail the worsening Covid-19 situation in the province. This would prevent people from sitting in itikaf in mosques, which would have started from Monday (21st Ramadan, 2021)

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Now no person in Punjab can sit for itikaf in any mosuq or be part of any special arrangements of open areas where people sit in itikaf at a large level. Normallly, itikaf starts from the 21st of Ramadan (soon after breaking the fast of 20th Ramadan) and stay in itikaf till the moon for Eid ul Fitr 2021 has been sighted. People sitting in itikaf would have an idea of when is Eid ul Fitr 2021, and would sit in itikaf till the chaand raat.

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